The Wardrobe

Model for Jellyneo

Items Needing Remodeling

Sometimes TNT will update the wearable assets or zones a wearable occupies, meaning the item on Neopets no longer matches what we have modeled in our Wardrobe. If a Neopet wearing the item is remodeled, it will automatically update the zoning here on Jellyneo! Below is a list of all the items we need to see modeled again, along with the species we need to see them on.

Remodeling will grant you Modeling Points, as with any regular item. However, if you don't get the points you were expecting please let us know as that may mean the item has just not been updated by TNT for that specific Neopet species. Be sure to let us know what item you were modeling and on what species.

Note: The lists on this page are manually updated after we confirm an update, so you won't see a species immediately disappear after you submit a new model for us.

We currently have no items that need a remodel!