The Wardrobe

The Wardrobe

Welcome to Jellyneo's Wardrobe—your source for Neopets wearable previews, paint brush customisation options, outfit making, and more!

Latest Customisation News

Moehog Day Roundup

Go incognito for your summer beach trip with the new colour released for Moehog Day:


Or perhaps you'd rather cosplay as Judge Hog of Defenders of Neopia fame:

Tyrannian Victory Day Roundup

Just in time for Tyrannian Victory Day, a new Tyrannian colour combo is available... for Vandagyres!


Two new Tyrannian-painted petpets are also available:

Hissi Day Roundup

To celebrate Hissi Day, a new colour is available:


A Deserted Tomb Ghost themed outfit is also now available:

May NC Collectible

The third item for the Treasures of Shenkuu collection is now released! This item will only be available in May.

Lupe Day Roundup

To celebrate Lupe Day, a new colour is available:


A Coltzan-themed outfit is also available: