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Latest Customisation News

Neopets Birthday Celebrations

Neopets is celebrating its 23rd birthday today!

A variety of celebrations are happening throughout Neopia:

  • Need the "Happy Birthday!" avatar? Visit the New Features page today.
  • The Swashbuckling Academy is offering free training to all pets all day. If you've already enrolled for a course you haven't paid, just cancel and re-enroll to get the free course.
  • Treasure of the Black Pawkeet is free today and costs 150NP (half price) for the rest of November.
  • Neopians have increased chances of a good result at Coltzan's Shrine today.
  • The number of tickets for sale at the Ticket Booth is increased today.
  • All users have access to the Birthday Site Theme on both the classic layout and the mobile revamp. This site theme increases your chances of Random Events, and on the old site theme removes ads for non-premium members for the day. Ads are no longer removed for non-Premium members.
  • If you are using a Flash workaround, for the next three days you may submit 5 scores for Neopoints on Flash games instead of the usual 3 until the end of Thursday (17th). This applies to classic games only, not those on the beta site.

Visit the Neopets homepage (when logged in) to claim 750 NC for free. This can also be claimed on side accounts.

Over at the NC Mall, extra paid Pet Slots are on sale from now until November 22nd.

  • +1 Extra Pet Slot: on sale for 400 NC (discounted 100 NC)
  • +5 Extra Pet Slot: on sale for 1,800 NC (discounted 450 NC)
  • +10 Extra Pet Slot: on sale for 3,400 NC (discounted 850 NC)

A free goodie bag is available at the NC Mall, available to claim on your sides as well. Inside, you'll find a banner wearable:

Additionally, there is a limited time discount code available at the NC Mall through the goodie bag. Use 'Y24BIRTHDAY' at the checkout to get a discount of 150 NC off any total purchase over 1,000 NC. This will last until the end of November 30th.

New birthday Mystery Capsules are also released:

Outside of the NC Mall, a new Neopoint goodie bag is also now stocking at the toy shop:

Last year's Neopoint goodie bag has also now retired. For those using the Wishing Well to ask for it, be aware this means that last year's bag no longer qualifies as a Wishing Well item, and wishing for it wastes your attempts.

Vandagyre Day Roundup

To celebrate this past weekend's Vandagyre Day today, there's a new colour available:


A new set of librarian themed clothes are also now available:

Pteri Day Roundup

It's Pteri Day! Fans of colour and glass can now zap their Pteris in search of this newly-released design:


Does your bird like bird watching? Get them an outfit to match their hobby!

November NC Collectible

The fourth item for the Roo Crew collection is now released, and features AAA! This item will only be available in November.

UC Survey Being Emailed Out

A new email is being sent out with various Neopets updates (such as the recent release of 2-Factor Authentication), and one other item included is a survey about the upcoming UC pets release in the NC Mall.

The survey includes a number of questions asking you for preferences on updated and redesigned UC Neopets, from touched up line art to entirely new poses—and in some cases, an entirely new UC that hasn't existed prior! A few questions about cost and availability are also included.

The survey seems to be going out in chunks to Neopians (possibly timed to deliver on the morning of November 1st local time for you). We'd encourage you to click the links in your emails to take the survey so TNT can properly track results. But if you want to get a head start and take it anyway, here's the link: