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The Wardrobe

Welcome to Jellyneo's Wardrobe—your source for Neopets wearable previews, paint brush customisation options, outfit making, and more!

Latest Customisation News

Neopian Pound Returns

The Neopian Pound is now back online, as of around 1:15 PM NST today.

Transfers, adoptions, and abandonments are all available, so you may move pets around again as you please.

Pet Style Updates at JN

With the advent of Pet Styles on Neopets, Jellyneo is excited to present a number of updates here on our end.

If you head to our Rainbow Pool in our Wardrobe department, you'll now find a brand new tab to browse all available Pet Styles. (And don't worry, Unconverted art is archived on that other tab. )

Within this section you can filter by species or color - making it easy to view all styles currently available for Techos, or all species styles currently available in Faerie.

Psst... we're still looking for a Faerie Koi! Let us know in the comments if you know a pet wearing this style. Thank you jillpuppy!

The main Rainbow Pool page has also received some updates to the search tab.

Updates include:
  • "Has Pet Style?" option
  • Option to show the Pet Style art in the "Show As" dropdown
  • Option to show the old Pre-Customisation Circle and Happy art in the "Show As" dropdown
  • Replaced "✓ UC Available " with "✓ Pet Style Available " in the search results
  • Individual Colour Combo pages now show the Pet Style artwork and the item used in the Styling Chamber to achieve the look, which links to our Item Database where you can add it to an NC trade list or see who has one up for trade

In addition, we've set up a guide detailing the process of purchasing Styling Studio Supplies and redeeming them for Pet Styles that may be applied to your Neopet in the Styling Chamber! Check it out linked below, or as always from our Articles Index:

UC Neocash Style FAQs Released, Pricing Revealed

JN UPDATE: We've had a lot of requests, so we've updated our Rainbow Pool to have the option to display pre-customisation poses in the search results. In the "Display As" option, select "Pre-Customisation", and for best results check off the "Has pre-customisation pose?" option. Now you can see all of the potential future Alt Styles in one place!

Here's what it might look like for Plushies.

A heavy set of FAQs have been released in advance of the upcoming Unconverted Neopets release! There's a lot to read through, so here are some of the highlights:

  • The term "UC" will be going away, and instead you'll be applying Alt Styles to your Neopet in the form of Neocash items called Nostalgic Baby Kougra (or whatever the specific style pet you're using).
  • All existing UC Neopets will be converted into the new system and awarded one of the new "Nostalgic Neopet" Neocash items to be applied so that the UC style is retained. In other words, "UC pets" are officially a thing of the past, but any current UC owners will not need to make any purchases to retain their UC artwork (well, barring pet artwork updates...).
  • Nostalgic Neopet items will be purchased via the Styling Studio in the NC Mall with Styling Studio Supplies.
  • Nostalgic Neopet items will be applied via the Styling Chamber, which seems to be a new customisation app and closet. You will be able to remove the Nostalgic Neopet items at any time if you wish, and apply them to other pets (of the correct species).
  • In order to purchase and use one of the Nostalgic Neopet items, you must currently have the same species of Neopet on your account at time of purchase (and to apply it, of course). However, the Neopet does NOT need to be the same colour—in other words, to purchase a Nostalgic Faerie Pteri, you simply need a Pteri as one of your pets, not a Faerie Pteri. Accordingly, if your Pteri is Blue, then your pet lookup will say "the Blue Pteri" and look like a Faerie Pteri.
  • Both Styling Studio Supplies (see below for pricing) and Nostalgic Neopet items will be tradeable NC items.
  • Pet Lookups will receive a new feature where you will be able to see the items currently being worn by that Neopet!
  • All Neopets born prior to April 26th, 2007 will receive a new "Old Pet Trophy" for their lookup. This is regardless of whether or not your Neopet was UC—so any Neopet like a Blue Grundo would be eligible for the trophy.

And now... what about cost? There will be two cost options:

  • Styling Studio Supplies (600 NC): Use at the Styling Studio to receive a RANDOM currently available Alt Style for your Neopet.
  • Deluxe Styling Studio Supplies (1400 NC): Use at the Styling Studio to select from any of the currently available Alt Styles for your Neopet.

SPECIAL PRICING: Jellyneo has confirmed that at launch, both of the Styling Studio Supplies above will be sold for an introductory 50% off, for 300 NC and 700 NC respectively. Even though only Faerie, Darigan, and Grey will be available at release, you CAN stock up on Style Studio Supplies at the discounted price for future colour releases!

Also as a reminder, those who completed the 25-Day Streak in this year's Stocking Stufftacular have already received one of the Deluxe Styling Studio Supplies as a bonus, meaning you will already have the ability to select an Alt Style of your liking.

Read more of the FAQs below...

UC Scheduled Downtime Reminder

UPDATE, 5:00 PM NST (Jan 23rd): Neopets is finally back up!

Jellyneo will be spending this evening and the next few days adding information about this big update across our sites! Stay tuned!

Don't miss your opportunity to get the Old Pet Trophy! If you have a Neopet that was born before April 26, 2007 (Y9), visit the Neopets home page (the one with all your pets), and you'll see an announcement about the new Styling Studio—and the trophy will be awarded to your eligible pets.

Release Notes have also been updated with an overview about the new Pet Styles update.

There's a TON of lag on Neopets this evening, so if you're having trouble reading them, here are some of the non-Pet Styles highlights:

Bug Fixes
  • Items purchased from the General Store now count towards 'Purchase Item' Quest Log quests.
  • Items purchased using Dubloons on Krawk Island now count towards 'Purchase Item' Quest Log quests.
  • Sending your referral link to a friend and having them complete the sign-up process now counts towards the 'Refer a Friend' Tutorial Quest task.
  • Animated Neopet images have been returned to Petlookups!

Known Issues
  • Users are experiencing occasional issues collecting their Daily Bonus Reward after completing Daily Quest Log Quests.
  • Some users' Neopets, including those wearing NC Pet Styles, may appear smaller than intended on the Home page.
  • Some Neopets' images wearing NC Pet Styles may appear as 'cogs' in certain areas.
  • Some Neopets may occasionally appear without all of their wearables in the Styling Chamber. Refresh the page to remedy this.

What's Next
  • Neopies
  • Festival of Neggs
  • Altador Cup
  • A Void Within Plot

UPDATE, 11:14 AM NST (Jan 23rd): TNT has acknowledged the delay in the maintenance ending, posting this message in Discord:

We know you’ve been patiently waiting to see your transformed pets! To ensure everything goes smoothly, we’ve had to extend our downtime while implementing these changes. We are slightly delayed while we make everything as perfect as possible, but our Meepits are working hard to reunite you with your foodclub addiction beloved pets soon ❤️ We are still aiming to release today as planned, so stay tuned. Once again thank you for your patience and excitement!

No precise timing on the downtime ending has been posted.

Don't forget—Neopets will be heading offline for maintenance today, Monday, January 22nd, around 11:00 PM NST. Note that this is when the window is meant to start, but can always be a little later depending on how soon TNT hits a point where they need to cut off access.

The downtime is scheduled to last through 10:00 AM NST on Tuesday, January 23rd.

This maintenance window is required to roll out some updates for the upcoming UC release, and we should see the official release on Tuesday, January 23rd (NST).

You should make sure you complete all of your dailies and quests before 11:00 PM NST, as once the site goes down it's unlikely you will be able to finish them before the Neopian day rolls over.

Third NC UC Social Media Giveaway

TNT have launched a third giveaway on their social media pages, with the chance to win one of the types of supplies for the upcoming Neocash UC feature slated to launch on January 23rd. This is following the first, Faerie themed giveaway on January 16th, and the second, Grey themed giveaway on January 18th.

The social media pages say the prize will be Darigan Styling Studio Supplies, which is a different name to the Deluxe supplies awarded at the conclusion of the recent Stufftacular, pictured above, and the Faerie and Grey supplies listed as a prizes from the other two giveaways.

In order to enter, head over to the Neopets Facebook, X (Twitter), or Instagram pages. You will need to comment under the post with the UC Darigan Poogle with your favourite UC Darigan pet, and like and follow the relevant page.

TNT haven't announced the number of winners, or when they will be awarded, so best to enter as soon as possible if you want to win.

Daily Neopets Alerts: Feb 22, 2024

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