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The Wardrobe

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Latest Customisation News

Retired Dyeworks Re-Release Capsule

A new re-release capsule has appeared in the NC Mall. It will award Dyeworks items that have since been retired. (This is the 5th Dyeworks re-release capsule—so be careful when trading!)

In addition to the single capsule available, multiple bundles are also available:

The 13- and 26-capsule bundles each give equal value (2,000 NC vs. 4,000 NC, which is both 154 NC per capsule).

We're still looking to add the contents of this capsule to our guide, so if you open it up and find something not on our guide, please send in a report with what you receive.

Aisha Day Roundup

To celebrate Aisha Day, a new colour is available!


A new Pride themed outfit is also now available:

There's even a new item at The Bakery!

Ogrin Day Roundup

To celebrate the recent Ogrin Day, a new colour is available!


A new crystal themed outfit is also now available:

January NC Collectible

The first item for the All Hail Brightvale collection is now released, and features Seradar! This item will only be available in January.

UC Customisations Working Again

It's a busy news day! Avatars! Beta site updates! Merch sales! Make sure you scroll all the way to page two for the latest updates.

For awhile, UC Neopets were unable to be customised on Neopets. If you tried loading a UC Neopet in the customisation area, nothing would load. The workaround was to use the old Flash customisation app—if you could.

No longer! TNT has pushed a fix for this, and your UC Neopets can once again have backgrounds, trinkets, foregrounds, etc. applied to them.

A UC with a recently released background, customised without Flash