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The Wardrobe

Welcome to Jellyneo's Wardrobe—your source for Neopets wearable previews, paint brush customisation options, outfit making, and more!

Latest Customisation News

Gnorbu Day Roundup

A fluffy new Gnorbu colour has been released just in time for Gnorbu Shearing Day:


If your Gnorbu has already been sheared for the season, perhaps they need the wearable ruff from this scholarly look available soon in honour of today:

Retired Dyeworks Re-Release Capsule

A new re-release capsule has appeared in the NC Mall. It will award Dyeworks items that have since been retired. Curiously, as of writing it is named Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsule 2021, instead of 2022. Perhaps a leftover release that didn't make it out in December! The name has now been updated to reflect the correct year of release!

In addition to the single capsule available, multiple bundles are also available:

The 13- and 26-capsule bundles each give equal value (2,000 NC vs. 4,000 NC, which is both 154 NC per capsule), but the 4,000 NC bundle awards 2x Basic Gift Boxes as a bonus.

We're still looking to add the contents of this capsule to our guide, so if you open it up and find something not on our guide, please send in a report with what you receive.

January NC Collectible

The fourth item for the Neopia On Ice collection is now released, and features Inah! This item will only be available in January.

Aisha Day Roundup

To celebrate yesterday's Aisha Day, a new colour is now available:


A new set of Queen Amira themed clothing is also now available:

Ogrin Day Roundup

To celebrate Ogrin Day that happened during the holiday break, two new colours are now available!

Royalboy | Royalgirl

A new set of Corbin-themed clothing is now also available to match the recent Kell set from Wocky Day: