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The Wardrobe

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Latest Customisation News

Gelert Day Roundup

🥶 What's that chill? Well, it looks to be a new Ice Gelert, in time for Gelert Day:


A new Shenkuu-themed outfit is also now available for Gelerts:

Uni Day Roundup

A purple-y new Candy Uni is available for Uni Day!


Ever wanted to dress up as the Uni that sells you your clothes? Well, a new Ellia outfit is now available:

March NC Collectible

The first item for the Treasures of Shenkuu collection is now released, and features Bonju! This item will only be available in March.

Maraquan Royalty Grams

New grams have been released at the NC Mall, this time themed for Maraqua.

These were also available in bundles that effectively give discounts with extra grams.

An additional bundle contains 5 of each type at an effective 20% discount.

Note that though the description of these grams state that they will award items only wearable by Maraquan painted pets, the background, foreground and filter items are be wearable by all pets. All of the other items can only be worn by Maraquan pets.

If you purchased and sent any grams before they were pulled from the NC Mall at about 10:42am, send in a ticket with as much info as possible about the items that disappeared.

Tonu Day + Mynci Day Roundup

New colours have been announced for yesterday's Tonu Day and today's Mynci Day:

Candy | Toy

Are you a Cellblock fan? Consider dressing your Mynci up as Cellblock inventor Master Vex with today's newly released outfit. Or perhaps you'd rather dress up your Tonu as Professor Hugo Fairweather of Journey to the Lost Isle fame:

Last, but not least, that teaser for an extra fruit Chia colour from Friday has come to fruition!

Juppie Swirl