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The Wardrobe

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Flotsam Day Roundup

To celebrate the recent Flotsam Day, a new colour is available:


And an outfit based on the scary Slug Monster is active for Flotsams:

July NC Collectible

The fifth and final item for the Treasures of Shenkuu collection is now released, and features Captain Tuan! This item will only be available in July.

As this is the final item in the set, a bonus is also now available to those who purchased them all:

Acara Day Roundup

Acara Day is incoming, and to celebrate a new colour is available:


This year's Acara outfit is inspired by Fauna.

Tropical Summer Retired Mystery Capsule

A new re-release mystery capsule has debuted in the NC Mall! This capsule includes items from the Summer Shop over the years.

This capsule also comes in two different bundles that also include the newly released Coconut Cutie Mystery Capsule (which is a basic capsule containing exclusive items).

To see what's inside the new re-release capsule, check out our Mystery Capsule guide!

Kau Day Roundup

Kau Day is incoming, and to celebrate a new colour is available:


This fluffy design was inspired by (fittingly-named) user cowsprite!

This year's Kau outfit is inspired by Morguss (who is a Moehog... but it still works!)