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The Wardrobe

Welcome to Jellyneo's Wardrobe—your source for Neopets wearable previews, paint brush customisation options, outfit making, and more!

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Koi Day Roundup

To celebrate Koi Day, a new colour is available:


A fishy outfit is also available at Cog's Togs:

An additional ribbon outfit is also available at Pigpants & Swolthy:

A new food item is also available:

Altador Cup Signups Open

Signups for the Altador Cup are now open! You can now pick your favourite team to represent.

A new year means a new sign up prize for those who have participated in the maximum number of previous Cups:

The new countdown on the main page indicates that the Cup will begin this year on June 6th.

Currently, there's no indication that Team Dacardia will be participating, despite a team popcorn item being released to the NC Mall earlier today. We'll keep you updated if there's any updates!

Altador Cup Preseason

The preseason coverage has begun for the Altador Cup!

Over the coming week, new snippets will be added for each of the 18 teams detailing what they have been up to in the offseason. New NC wearables will also be made available for them as they are released. This year's theme is popcorn.

The countdown on the page reveals that signups for the Cup are scheduled to begin next Tuesday, May 23rd.

(Also, stay tuned to Jellyneo during this year's Cup—we'll be running a special event!)

Moehog Day Roundup

To celebrate the recent Moehog Day, a new colour is available:


An... outfit, is also available:

This outfit stocks in the Garden Centre.

Some additional wearables are also available, stocking in Cog's Togs:

A new school supplies item is also available:

Tyrannian Victory Day Roundup

It's Tyrannian Victory Day on Neopets! It's a day to commemorate the victory over the Monoceraptor, back in Y3.

To celebrate, some new fierce wearables are available:

Some new petpets have been discovered to celebrate as well:

(Sadly, no Tyrannian Lutari to finish off all 55 Tyrannian pets!)