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Altador Cup Signups

Signups for the Altador Cup are now open! You can now pick your favourite team to represent. You may need to clear your cache in order to correctly sign up if you visited the pre-tournament press page earlier today. As with the pre-tournament press, all pages are now mobile responsive.

A new year means a new sign up prize for those who have participated in the maximum number of previous Cups:

The new countdown on the main page indicates that the Cup will begin this year on June 6th. At this stage, it does not appear as if there have been any changes to last year's format. It is unconfirmed at the moment, but captchas may be back on games this year!

Koi Day Roundup

You may have seen Koi Day news up on the New Features briefly on Monday by accident. Well now, on actual Koi Day, they are now all properly released!


This is yet another Maraquan colour inspired by the work of Neopets user chantili_doce!

A King Kelpbeard themed outfit is also now available:

Moehog Day Roundup

Go incognito for your summer beach trip with the new colour released for Moehog Day:


Or perhaps you'd rather cosplay as Judge Hog of Defenders of Neopia fame:

Tyrannian Victory Day Roundup

Just in time for Tyrannian Victory Day, a new Tyrannian colour combo is available... for Vandagyres!


Two new Tyrannian-painted petpets are also available:

Hissi Day Roundup

To celebrate Hissi Day, a new colour is available:


A Deserted Tomb Ghost themed outfit is also now available: