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Modelling: June Recap

June has been a busy month in terms of wearables, with a huge selection of NC items being released through Blumaroll, Keyquest Tokens, and of course, the Altador Cup. We've also had five pet days, meaning plenty of species-specific clothing needs to be modelled!

Pet days also mean the release of several new colours, which we need emotion models for! Check out our Modeling department for more details!

Several NP items were released, though naturally not quite as many as NC ones!

So, the Altador Cup has come and gone, bringing with it a multitude of wearables! We'll start with the final prizes for both the main and staff tournaments!

Naturally with such a large amount of NC Team items released this year we're still looking for quite a few models!

Four weeks of VIP passes have left behind lots of modelling!

Blumaroll returned with a whole host of new items!

Keyquest has once again proved popular, with yet more tokens released!

A couple of capsule releases mean more limited-edition items to be modelled!

And finally the NC Card items finally changed to something new!

We thoroughly appreciate any models for any of these items, and be sure to check through our modeling department to see if there are any older items you can help us out with! You can find our needed pet emotions there too! And remember, the more items we can model, the more items that are available for use in our Wardrobe!

Modeling Recap: May Recap

  • Robot Outfit Palmplat on a tree Background Cozy Tree House
  • Log Boat Ride Background Poogle Glit Handbag Poogle Glit Wig
  • Dyeworks Silver: Cloud Staff Dyeworks Green: Cloud Staff Dyeworks Red: Cloud Staff