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Wardrobe F.A.Q.

1. Why do the pets that were automatically converted not have their UC state appearing in Wardrobe?
The Wardrobe only handles the select few unconverted pets that were allowed to exist after the customisation was released. You can view the full list of these UC pets.

2. Why are recent MME items not showing up in the Wardrobe's item search?
Because keeping track of MME items while they're still changing is difficult, we don't collect models for them until the MMEs are done changing.

3. Why do some species-only items show up for all pets?
Jellyneo's Wardrobe does its best to reflect how things currently look in Neopets Customisation. This means if there's a glitch on Neopets allowing a species-only item to be worn by all pets, we also show that. (We agree, it looks pretty goofy sometimes!)

4. Why are these search results not showing [insert item here]?
The Wardrobe App search results only show items we know can be worn by the species you're currently using, so if a particular item doesn't show up when searching in the App, it means we haven't seen a model that was that particular species.

If you're using the general Previews/Wardrobe search and the item doesn't show it, we may not know it can be worn yet. If this happens we appreciate it if you send in a bug report with the item name and let us know that it can be worn but isn't showing up in Wardrobe search.

5. Can I save my outfit?
Yes! You can save your outfit even if you don't have a jnAccount. If you do have a jnAccount you can later look at the link again, rename the outfit, e-mail it to friends, or even delete the outfit.

6. Can I share my outfit?
Yes! We think sharing outfits is sometimes the best part of the whole outfit design process, so we've made it easy for you. When you save an outfit you're given a URL that you can pass along to friends or use yourself to see the outfit later.

7. "This outfit takes forever to load / doesn't load / only loads partway."
Some items make the Wardrobe App slower. In particular animated wearables can really slow things down. As outfits get bigger, more wearables have to be loaded and this can also slow things down. One thing that we find helps is choosing a smaller size - under the pet are Large, Medium, and Small buttons. By default the Large size is used.

8. Why don't Paint Brush Clothes appear automatically when the pet is changed to that colour?
This is a feature we may add in the future, but right now Wardrobe just doesn't "know" which Paint Brush clothing belongs to which pets. You can still add it by searching for the clothing - this is pretty quick to do using our Advanced Search operator "+pb" while in the Wardrobe App.

9. "Did you know you're missing [insert item here] on [insert pet here]?"
If you know that a particular pet can wear an item, but we don't have it modeled, you can help out by modeling for us. You can do this by visiting the modeling page or by finding the item in Wardrobe Previews and then clicking on the giant red "Model For Us" button and providing the name of a pet that is modeling the item and is the species we're missing.

10. Can I use a saved outfit on different species?
Yes, you can easily transfer your outfit to another species by first loading your saved outfit and then changing the pet to the species of your choice using the Pet Changer. If there are certain species restrictions on items in your outfit, those items will be removed from the pet and stored in your Closet.

Outfits are saved with the species/color combination it was worn on. If you wish to keep this outfit with the new species, you will have to save a new outfit.

11. I saved an outfit but realized it looks better without [insert item here] or with [insert item here]. Can I save my changes to the same link?
Outfits are saved with the item(s) and the specific species/color combination they are worn on. If you wish to keep your modified outfit, you will have to save it as a new outfit.

12. Why isn't this color of pet showing up in the Wardrobe when it was released on Neopets?
Wardrobe is still missing the data for this pet/color combo. If you own or know someone who owns this pet/color combo, click here to help model it!

13. Why does it keep changing to a gender/emotion of this color of pet when I choose something different?
This happens when a pet/color combination is missing data for that specific gender/emotion. If you own or know someone who owns this pet/color/gender/emotion combo, click here to help model it! Wardrobe loves moody pets!

14. If I try on an item that has music/sound, will I be able to hear it?
If sound effects and/or music are available for an item, a button will appear in the app that will allow you to toggle the sounds on/off. If you're having trouble playing any sound, please make sure you have the latest Flash version installed and that your volume is turned up. :)

15. Will you still need models for future clothing?
Yes! We love getting new models! If you'd like to help us model, please click here!

  • Garins Collectors Outfit Tormunds Shield Dyeworks Purple: Branch of Singing Weewoos Garland
  • Dyeworks Yellow: Branch of Singing Weewoos Garland Dyeworks Pink: Branch of Singing Weewoos Garland Dyeworks Purple: Ornamental Lake with Goldies
  • Dyeworks Pink: Ornamental Lake with Goldies Dyeworks Orange: Ornamental Lake with Goldies Dyeworks Cream: Doughnut Float Ring