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Haunted Hijinks Returns

Haunted Hijinks is back again in the NC Mall! Mallet Packs are now available for purchase:

» View Our Haunted Hijinks Guide «

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Jetsam Day Roundup

Two new colours have now been activated to celebrate Jetsam Day!

Candy | Polka Dot

A new Masquerade clothing set is also now active:

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A new MME has been released!

There are two IDs for this MME.

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Springtime in Neopia Mystery Capsule

A brand new capsule has arrived in Future Fashions for the spring season!

» See What's Inside «

We need a lot of models for these items, so please come and help out by submitting a pet! In case you didn't know, if you're logged into your jnAccount, you can earn a nifty trophy for your trophy cabinet by modeling. Model enough and you can upgrade that trophy!

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  • Knitted Blankie Jingle Bell Garland Dyeworks White: Holiday Angel Cape & Wig
  • Dyeworks Pink: Holiday Angel Cape & Wig Dyeworks Black: Holiday Angel Cape & Wig Dyeworks Pink: Resplendent Wings
  • Dyeworks Gold: Resplendent Wings Dyeworks Silver: Resplendent Wings Dyeworks Black: Light Damask Markings