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Tonu Day Roundup

Tonu Day is approaching, and so far, two new colours have popped up for Tonus:

Maractite | Relic

New outfit has been released as well:

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Chia Day Roundup

Chia Celebrations are real in Neopia with two new colours!

Toy | Zombie

Wintery activities need a proper clothing, here is this year's fashion for Chias:

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Lenny Day Roundup

Lenny Day is here and two new colours wait at the Rainbow Pool!

Dimensional | Maraquan

A new outfit is also active:

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Free Valentine's NC Goodie Bag

A new goodie bag is available to claim at the NC Mall!

It contains the following item:

(As a reminder, this can be claimed on side accounts)

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Neopies NC Raffle

As the Neopies come to a close later this week, an NC event has launched to celebrate the closing gala. To participate, you'll need tickets from the NC Mall.

You can open one bag per day to get up to 7 NC items. The items are on a knockout list, but the order you get them is different for everyone. You can win:

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