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New Shenanigifts: Fireworks Party

A new Shenangifts party has appeared - fireworks themed!

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If you're attending, don't forget to help us out by modeling your spoils!

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Grundo Day Roundup

To celebrate Grundo Day, two new colour options have been released!

Dimensional | Water

A new set of Rustic themed clothing has also now been activated:

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Meerca Day Roundup

Happy Meerca Day! Two new colours are now active for Meercas:

Clay | Pastel

A new clothing set, themed around a Forest Ranger, is also now active:

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Blumaroo Day Roundup

Two new colours are now active for Blumaroo Day!

Candy | Relic

New Shenkuu themed clothing is also now active:

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New Dyeworks

The new Dyeworks that TNT recently teased on Instagram are now released in the NC Mall.

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Most of these items still need models, so why not help us out?

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  • Warm Fireplace with Stockings Holiday Wocky Wig Holiday Wocky Bracelet
  • Cheerful Holiday Trinket Outdoor Decorative Garland Coffin of Surprises
  • Holiday Party Wig Holly Holiday Dress Holiday Chandelier