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Altador Cup Signups Open

Signups have now started for the Altador Cup! As usual, signup bonuses that reflect how many previous Cups you have participated have returned. This year, the popup informing you of the prizes does not seem to be working, but the items are added to your inventory correctly. The signup bonus for having participated in 14 previous Cups is:

Note that currently, there is no FAQ or rules page up, so it is unclear when the Altador Cup will actually start live play this year. However, signups generally last around a week, so don't wait too long!

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A new Mysterious Morphing Experiment has been released at the NC Mall! This MME has two IDs (ending in 44 and 45).

Previews for this MME include backgrounds, a wig, trinkets, a cape, a dress/jacket, and a jumpsuit.

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May NC Collectible

The fourth item for the Monsters and Mayhem Collection is now released, and features the Black Pteri! This item will only be available during May.

jnAccount Update: You may notice that there have been some cosmetic changes to our jnAccount login page and your jnAccount Settings pages. We've been making some upgrades under the hood, and just wanted to let you know that things may look a little updated as well!

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Hissi and Lupe Day Roundup

A new colour is now active for the recent Lupe and Hissi Days!

Marble Lupe | Toy Hissi

There is also a new Samurai outfit for Lupes:

And a snug cold weather outfit for Hissis:

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  • Cherry Lollypop Blumaroo Governess Fascinator Blumaroo Governess Boots
  • Classic Jukebox Underwater Maraquan Markings Sinking Pirate Ship Background
  • Washed Up Sandcastle Foreground Seaside Sundress Garins Collectors Outfit