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Ixi and Tuskaninny Day Roundup

Belated Ixi and Tuskaninny Days are being celebrated today. Here's what's new for these two species:

Oil Paint Ixi | Dimensional Tuskaninny

And as usual, we have outfits for each species. Something charming for Ixis:

And a dandy outfit for Tuskaninnies:

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New Birthday Re-Release Mystery Capsule

A new Mystery Capsule has been released in the NC Mall to celebrate the Mall's 13th birthday! This re-release capsule will award bonus items from Mystery Capsules of the past.

It also has the chance to award one of three new bonus items:

If you've opened this capsule and have received an item not listed on our guide, please let us know!

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Free Birthday Cupcake in NC Mall

A free cupcake to celebrate the NC Mall's birthday is now available to claim in the NC Mall!

As is tradition, this cupcake will grant +5 Hit Points to the Neopet you feed it to, along with another Neocash item:

As with other NC cupcakes, you can claim this on side accounts.

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Flotsam Day Roundup

A sturdy new colour option is available for Flotsams:


And if your Flotsam wants to go on a boat trip, they can now dress for the occasion:

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July NC Collectible

The first item for the Tricksters & Troublemakers Collection is now released, and features the Neggnapper! This item will only be available during July.

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  • Classic Jukebox Underwater Maraquan Markings Sinking Pirate Ship Background
  • Washed Up Sandcastle Foreground Seaside Sundress Garins Collectors Outfit
  • Tormunds Shield Dyeworks Purple: Branch of Singing Weewoos Garland Dyeworks Yellow: Branch of Singing Weewoos Garland