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Models Wanted!

Attention all wearable enthusiasts: we are in search of many Neocash models that have been released over the past few months for Baby and Mutant painted Neopets. Have a Baby or Mutant Neopet? Have one of the below items? Model for us! Modeling instructions below.

Mutant-Only Wearables:

Baby-Only Wearables:

How to Model:
It's pretty easy!
  • Go to the Customise App on Neopets and place the wearable on the Neopet species we need modeled.
  • Click "Save Changes" on Neopets.
  • Come back to Jellyneo and visit our Modeling section.
  • Look in the bottom right hand corner of the site and type in your Neopets' name to model.
  • Voila! You've modeled for JN!

Speaking of modeling, we can always use help modeling new wearables, so stop by our Modeling section to see if you have something we need!

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New Wonderclaw Machine - Damask

A new Wonderclaw Machine has been released, featuring damask-themed items!

View our Wonderclaw Guide! »

If you have any of these items (or anything at all we're missing!), please pay a visit to our Modeling Department where you'll be able to submit previews of your pets and wearables!

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New NC Card Prizes

The NC prizes for redeeming NC Cards have changed today. So far three new items have appeared.

We need models for all of the above items, so why not help us out?

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MiniMME19-S1: Leafy Woodland Dress

MiniMME19-S1: Leafy Woodland Dress has gone on sale for 300 NC. Be sure to check out our Mysterious Morphing Experiment guide for further information on this all previous MMEs!

As we reported previously, the potential upcoming stages are set to include a wig, markings, contacts and a background.

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Wardrobe Wars - Round 16!

We're back for round 16 of Wardrobe Wars! If you're unfamiliar with this contest, this is Wardrobe Wars, and in this contest, we take submissions from you to be featured on the Wardrobe Hub!

What do I need to do?
  • Register for a jnAccount on our main site, and then register for an account on our forums.
  • Head on over to our Wardrobe App, and start customising your pet!
  • When finished, save the outfit, using the appropriately-named "Save Outfit" button and copy the link for the next step. (And rename your outfit to match the theme.)
  • Visit the Wardrobe Wars board and fill out the short entry form.

Submissions will be open for the next seven (7) days, after which the entries will be reviewed, and those selected will be uploaded to our carousel on the 10th! There isn't a limit to the number of entries you can submit, but please be aware we'd love to feature outfits from lots of you rather than just one person!

We've also got a brand new theme again, so please check it out on the forums!

Any questions can be answered here or on the forums. Just send a private message to Rylon or myself.

If you happen to come across an item that should be in Wardrobe but doesn't appear, please submit a bug report so we can look into it.

Best of luck!

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