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March Recap: Wearables & Modeling

March is over and done with already? We're a quarter through the year, hasn't it just flown by! Lots of wearables have kept us all busy-busy!

Four pet days were spread through the month!

Uni: Investigative / Demure | Gelert: Moltara Citizen / Casual
Scorchio: Gentleman / Springtime | Chomby: Punk / Fancy Green

Several neopoint items were released, including lots of shrubberies, and the newly-wearable driftwood!

We had two events finish up in March: Faerie Quests and Moltara Mystery.

The first part of the Moltara Mystery event awarded five new NC items at the Portal Activation Centre.

The second phase, Capture the Comets, finished its run today! Grab a comet while you still have the chance!

With a theme after my own heart, Neopians were invited to a Tea Party at Shenanigifts!

A brand-new set of items are available from Grave Danger when equipping your petpet with the Adventurers Sword and Shield!

We were treated to three MiniMMEs over the month, and you can find out more about them at our Mysterious Morphing Experiments guide.

Those of you redeeming new Neocash Cards will be delighted to find they now award a new set of prizes!

There was only one Mystery Capsule this month!

Similarly, only one minipack was made available.

Gold and Silver Limited Edition Gelert and Shoyru Key Quest Tokens came back into the mall, awarding new bonus items when activated.

Basic Bundles were released at the end of the month, and when opened award a Basic item, and a similarly-themed bonus!

Finally, it's collectibles time! March marked the end of the Wearable Wheels collection, so also awarded a bonus background!

We still need a lot of these item previews for Wardrobe, so please head on over to our Modeling Department if you can lend a hand! Your help and support helps keep Wardrobe up to date, and we really appreciate it! :D

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Gold & Silver Shoyru Key Quest Tokens

Gold and Silver Limited Edition Shoyru Key Quest Tokens are now back on sale in the NC Mall for 400 NC each! As these tokens have been rereleased, their previous bonus items, Golden Jewelled Tiara and Sparkling Silver Bouquet, have now retired.

If you are purchasing or activating these toke,s please help us out by modeling the above bonus items for use within our Wardrobe App!

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NC Basic Bundles

Now available in the NC Mall are Basic Bundles! There are currently three packs for sale - Everyday Adornments, Colourful Clothing, and Wigging Out - with each containing one item from that bundle's-related basic line: shoes and gloves, clothing, and wigs, respectively.

When opening a bundle, you'll also be guaranteed one of several LE items, which are new colours of the previously released basic items!

Basics Bundle: Everyday Adornments
50 NC

Basics Bundle: Colourful Clothing
75 NC

Basics Bundle: Wigging Out
75 NC

As you can see we need a lot of previews for these new items! If you can help, then please visit our Modeling Department to submit your pets!

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Next Event Step: Dr. Landelbrot's Ship

The next portions of the event are now working properly. In the Spaceship Interior, you can help Dr. Landelbrot gather materials for the Random Event machine, while you can gain extra NC prizes in Capture the Comets.

We now have guides up for both activities!

» Spaceship Interior Guide «

» Capture the Comets (NC) Guide «

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New NC Card Prizes!

Yesterday TNT released a brand-new batch of NC Card redemption prizes!

If you have any of the above prizes, then why not visit our Modeling Department to help preview these items for use within Wardrobe!

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  • Plaid Shirt and Sweater Vest Three Quarter Pastel Trousers Cherry Blossom Wings
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