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Acara Day Roundup

Happy Acara Aquatic Festival! Here's what's new for Acaras:

Oil Paint

And a new mermaid inspired outfit is available for Acaras:

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Kau Day Roundup

Moooove out of the way, because it's Kau Day!


Kaus can now get ready for a summer of surfing with this new outfit:

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Quiggle and Nimmo Day Roundups

It's time for a belated Quiggle and Nimmo celebration!

Mmm... that new fresh paint smell of Quiggles.

Swamp Gas

We have a new handsome prince outfit for Quiggles:

Nimmos can now sport a new chocolatey paint job:


And a new artist outfit for Nimmos:

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JubJub Day Roundup

Happy JubJub Day to all! Today, a new colour for JubJubs is debuting:


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  • Refined Grey Wig Premium Collectible: Ice Stalagmite Foreground Happiness Faerie Poster
  • Scaling Greater Heights Background Dream Portal Background Pastel Galaxy Background
  • On Thin Ice Background Frozen Fountain White Knitted Scarf
  • Frozen Fractals Foreground Snug Winter Boots Winter Picnic Set Up