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NC Mall Wish Candle

A new Wish Candle to celebrate the NC Mall's birthday has been released at the NC Mall!

It can award the following items:

You may also get lucky and receive this bonus item:

(Previously, this item was only awarding 3 items when initially released. It is now awarding all 6.)

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Kiko Day Roundup

We know you've always wanted to own creepy doll Kiko and now you can have one:


And Kikos have received a new petpet-themed outfit, perfect for dressing up as a Spyder this Halloween:

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Second Free Birthday Cupcake Available in the Mall

Another free cupcake to celebrate the NC Mall's birthday is now available to claim in the NC Mall!

This cupcake will grant +3 Movement to the Neopet you feed it to, and another NC item:

As with other NC cupcakes, since this does not award any Neopoints or NP items, you can claim this on side accounts.

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Tuskaninny Day Roundup

Tuskaninny Day brings us following new Tuskaninny colour and items:


Clothing set

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New Birthday Re-Release Capsule

A new Mystery Capsule has been released in the NC Mall to celebrate the Mall's 12th birthday! This re-release capsule will award bonus items from Mystery Capsules of the past.

It also has the chance to award one of three new bonus items:

If you've opened this capsule and have received an item not listed on our guide, please let us know!

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