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NC Event: Twisted Histories Capsule Adventure

The NC Mall is hosting a new Mystery Capsule Adventure, with this edition titled Twisted Histories! Head on over to the Mystery Capsule Adventure page on Neopets to participate!

The FAQ for the mall event is up, but the main points:
  • The event runs from August 21 - September 23

  • There are seven capsules altogether, and each may grant one of four bonus items

  • This event has two bonus items:
    • The first is obtained through purchasing all seven capsules from the mall.

    • The second is by obtaining at least one bonus item from each capsule (the capsules themselves can be gifted/traded, but you will need to open and obtain the limited-edition items yourself -- receiving the LE items via gift/trade will not work!)

  • As this is a NC-only event, you may participate on side accounts

  • The seven capsules within this event are:

    • Sloths Victory Mystery Capsule

    • Triumph of Darigan Mystery Capsule

    • Floating Faerieland Mystery Capsule

    • Unscathed Maraqua Mystery Capsule

    • Discovery of Wobbleshire Mystery Capsule

    • Lost Isle Tour Mystery Capsule Adventure

    • Reign of Coltzan Mystery Capsule

  • Valentine Rose Boots Flaming Orb Dusky Feathered Mantle
  • Grand Winter Wings Inner Clockwork Face Paint Tattoo Sleeve
  • Long Baby Girl Wig Handheld Moon Balloon Princess Wig with Iron Crown