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Tuskaninny Day Wearables

If you ever wanted your Tuskaninny to wear a Green Suit or look a bit Wispy, you're in luck, since those items have been activated and are now stocking in the Clothing Shop.

If you happen to get any of those items, please submit a bug report via the Items Database so we can make it Active in our database. Also, if you've got a Transparent or Checkered Tuskaninny, please submit it so we can add appropriate emotions to our Wardrobe App!

  • Baby Makeup of the Undead Mutant Carnival-Goer Jacket and Top Baby Ghostly Cape
  • Haunted Necklace Dead Red Dress Ghostly Braids Wig
  • Pitch Black Tights & Boots Haunted Crystal Gypsy Doorway to the Faire