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Modeling: May Recap

To help with item modeling for our Wardrobe department, we'll be posting a monthly recap of our 'We Need You' posts from the Wardrobe Hub. Each recap below will contain a link to the newspost(s) they relate to, which list the full set of items we still need models for.

First up, we've had a couple of pet days this month, which means several single-species items were released! Yurble day isn't included as the items haven't been activated by TNT. Lupe day also came in too early in the month for a Wardrobe post, however this IDB search shows both sets of clothes (and yes, we still need models for them!).

Hissi Day | Moehog Day | Koi Day

Next up we have the NC Mall games! JubJub Power Bounce had an interesting month with the release of the suitcases (and we also plugged a slew of retired items we lack models for), while Wonderclaw lost the Royal machine, but gained Underwater!

JubJub Power Bounce | Wonderclaw: Royal | Wonderclaw: Underwater

Limited-edition time now, with superpacks and capsules!

Operatic Star | Maraquan Maiden & Spring Garden | Baby

Keyquest tokens were also a feature in the mall this month, with four getting released.

Lupe Tokens | Koi Token

We also had two older neopoint items turn wearable, so dig through your SDB for these!

Flowery Pink Parasol | Dirt Shovel

Finally, we still need models for several Castle Nox items.

Castle Nox Recap

As always, we thoroughly appreciate all models that help keep our Wardrobe up to date! High-fives all round! :D

  • Perfect Seats for Stargazing Princess Kiko Dress Princess Kiko Gloves
  • Princess Kiko Wig Premium Collectible: Mountainside Getaway Background Stylish Lace Shirt
  • Arch of Roses Peach Wig with Bandana Headband Tassel Earrings