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Acara Day Roundup

Happy Acara Aquatic Festival! Here's what's new for Acaras:

Oil Paint

And a new mermaid inspired outfit is available for Acaras:

cat, 06/29/2020, 4:53 pm NST
That’s quite pretty, I like the colors.

purplebin, 06/29/2020, 6:10 pm NST
Beautiful outfit!
Why couldn't they do that well for Kau Day?

butterflyvj, 06/29/2020, 7:53 pm NST
This Oil Paint Acara is so detailed, and I love the contrast on the ears and paws. Super cute!

draakonikihv, 06/29/2020, 10:51 pm NST
Oh, this is lovely!

apophis324, 06/30/2020, 12:24 am NST
Wow, that wig looks like it fits perfectly! You'd almost expect this to be old art that was left on the cutting room floor.

trista, 06/30/2020, 8:16 am NST
I want this for Cazdy

aviagua, 06/30/2020, 12:34 pm NST
The Oil Paint colour is pretty and I adore the outfit! I hope the rarity isn't 90+ as I'd love to get it for my Xymble ASAP.

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