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Kau Day Roundup

Moooove out of the way, because it's Kau Day!


Kaus can now get ready for a summer of surfing with this new outfit:

gigiamore, 06/19/2020, 7:04 pm NST
I wish they would do more with woodland. Some autumn colours would be nice. My Kau is called Daileaf, but I wont be painting her woodland... it's nice enough I guess, but I wish the eyes looked wooden.

purplebin, 06/19/2020, 7:14 pm NST
The shading is kind of odd, but I still painted my Kau, at least for now.
I'm extremely disappointed in the outfit. Kaus haven't had good ones in a very long time. They keep giving Kaus glasses, but Kaus look terrible in glasses. And those don't look like surfer clothing. The wig doesn't even look like the item image!

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