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Gelert Day Roundup

To celebrate Gelert Day, a new colour is available!


And here's a new Wasteland-themed outfit for Gelerts:

purplebin, 03/6/2020, 2:14 pm NST
I was expecting Burlap or Ice or Marble.
I got a FFQ yesterday, expecting to use it on my Gelert. but this brush isn't too expensive.
Can't wait to see the outfit! I keep searching for it.

purplebin, 03/6/2020, 3:06 pm NST
The outfit is Wasteland Gelert (not wishable!)

Wasteland Gelert Bracers

Wasteland Gelert Goggles

Wasteland Gelert Outfit

Wasteland Gelert Neckerchief

Wasteland Gelert Wig

purplebin, 03/6/2020, 3:57 pm NST
The new outfit looks pretty good in the news, other than the rather extreme spiked shoulder armour.

maple_snow, 03/6/2020, 5:09 pm NST
Yuck! I'm sure someone else appreciates this Dimensional Gelert, though.

I really hope this one colour per pet day doesn't last all year.

themeepit32, 03/6/2020, 5:19 pm NST
I like Dimensional but this shade of yellow is eesh

fenix, 03/7/2020, 8:00 am NST
Having only one colour might be a way to slow down on the older pets steadily running out of colours.

escrainus, 03/7/2020, 10:46 pm NST
meh at the color, was really expecting something better, if at least it was some blueish to use as constellation

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