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Zafara Day Roundup

It's time to celebrate Zafara Day, and first up is a new colour:


A new outfit has also been activated, to help make your Zafaras look prim and proper:

themeepit32, 02/3/2020, 3:44 pm NST
Now TNT please remember oil paint and Mosaic are a thing

1jediboy, 02/3/2020, 3:44 pm NST
My baby boy!!! *kiss-kiss* *big___shot blushes in embarassment... and then smiles*

Happy Zafara Day!

anomally, 02/3/2020, 7:07 pm NST
Those are pretty colors for marble. Wish they eyes looked a bit more marble-y though.

apophis324, 02/4/2020, 12:39 am NST
When I think of marble, I think of the antique stone that carvers of old used to make statues off. I guess I should think more along the lines of the spherical toys then, as this is clearly not the anqitue statue kind.

Also, THAT IS NOT HOW EARS WORK! That wig looks ridiculous on a Zafara, especially because they forgot to remove the tuft of hair Zafaras have by default. Who saw this and thought "Hmm, that's fine let's publish this"?

roshchodesh, 02/4/2020, 5:40 am NST
I thought it looked like Candy. But regardless of the name of the colour, it is lovely. Agree with Apophis about the ears

roshchodesh, 02/5/2020, 8:04 am NST
Okay.After more consideration, it looks like
JellyCandyMarble. Still lovely.

lucien, 02/5/2020, 12:19 pm NST
I think the wig looks lovely and the artist did an amazing job...but it looks really weird on the Zafara imo. I hope the tuff of fur sticking out in the preview was a mistake and has since been fixed.

yerimiese, 02/8/2020, 7:08 am NST
When they say marble I think they think like the game of marbles where the colors are random. Just my thoughts.

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