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Buzz Day Roundup

To celebrate the recent Buzz Day, a new colour is now active!


A new clothing set is also now active:

purplebin, 01/13/2020, 1:56 pm NST
Ick, insects don't have internal skeletons! It looks pretty good, though.

twocue, 01/13/2020, 2:52 pm NST
Ok I'm in love!

purplebin, 01/13/2020, 3:04 pm NST
Buzz Intellectual is very cute! I'm sure it will look great on.

purplebin, 01/13/2020, 3:05 pm NST
Hmm, r90, not so good.

zodia195, 01/13/2020, 4:42 pm NST
*Sighs* Still no Orgin look huh?

mogster, 01/13/2020, 6:39 pm NST
The fact they have regular skeletons bothers me a bit.

aviagua, 01/13/2020, 8:58 pm NST
Buzzes have skeletons...? I guess I was more accurate than I thought when I depicted my Buzz as draconic rather than insectoid.

sakibou, 01/13/2020, 10:52 pm NST
...But Buzz's start off as grubs. And they produce honey. And they're clearly based on dragonflies! Giving them a skeleton is just highly inaccurate. And I'm not sure the ridges on their head/neck should be bony no matter what. Jumpstart really dropped the ball on this one.

pie_man_aa, 01/15/2020, 8:41 pm NST
Wish they had made the tail entirely skeletal instead of just a typical tail bone.
I agree they could've done a bit better since it isn't accurate to what a Buzz is, it would've given Buzz a really unique transparent colour compared to every other pet.

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