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Aisha Day Round Up

This year for Ogr... oops, err, I mean Aisha Day, a new colour and outfit are available!


A new set of Ice Skater-themed clothing is also now active:

Here's hoping Ogrins get their time to shine soon!

purplebin, 01/3/2020, 3:52 pm NST
There are already similar ice skates for all pets, but that wig is beautiful.
The shading of the Toy is wonderful, but I object to orange with purple!

chrissy, 01/3/2020, 4:09 pm NST
I also object to the orange with purple. Eek.

bennyw, 01/3/2020, 4:25 pm NST
Somethings looks off about the tail and feet if you zoom into them, like someone was trying to erase lines hastily. Not a neat finish.

darella, 01/3/2020, 4:40 pm NST
so... i guess we're really not getting anything new for ogrins, uh?

maple_snow, 01/3/2020, 5:09 pm NST
The Toy Aisha looks cute!

But... #JusticeForOgrins

roshchodesh, 01/3/2020, 5:57 pm NST

kreyrie, 01/3/2020, 6:39 pm NST
I was hoping they'd do Oilpaint instead, dang it. Also this looks weird? Like they okay'd the draft artwork but they never actually finished it.

I love the clothes, though!

tycooncorb, 01/3/2020, 6:46 pm NST
Seriously they just miss pet days now lol. Ogrin day is once a year...maybe once every 2 years now :/

ziporen, 01/3/2020, 7:25 pm NST
Nice base color. No randomly colored limbs like most toys... only thing bothering me is how the extra ears are attached, and how flat the eye circle shading is, but those are fairly minor.

The jagged edge is probably just a blending error from the PNG conversion. It will probably look fine in Flash. Tends to happen with the colors and objects that have more blended shading.

ziporen, 01/3/2020, 7:31 pm NST
I'll also be disappointed if Ogrin Day is skipped. :/ At least Aisha already had most colors done due to being one of the oldest species. Ogrin is one of the newest, so they're missing a lot more...

purplebin, 01/3/2020, 7:35 pm NST
I am "confident" that Ogrins will get a new color and outfit... I was going to say tomorrow but I guess Monday? or Tuesday. Oh, wait, Gnorbu Day is Monday!

insane000illusions, 01/3/2020, 8:11 pm NST
noooo burlap *cry*

saiphami, 01/3/2020, 8:35 pm NST
Disappointing. Here's hoping Kacheek day is better.

ladyamethyst, 01/3/2020, 9:14 pm NST
No love for purple & orange? I loved my Eleroo plush as a kid, still think the colour combo works well for toys. Maybe I'm just nostalgic.

ducky - JN Staff, 01/3/2020, 11:13 pm NST

.... It's strange that Ogrins did not get anything, they even updated the news before New Years.

faellie_ridiculous, 01/4/2020, 12:30 am NST
No burlap. Disappointing.

Not a fan of any toy pets anyway.
Who wants purple and orange as a customization base?

I don't like the new outfit at all either.

I still do not understand their stance on shoes for 4 legged pets. If it stands on all fours, aren't the front and back limbs the same in function? Why only 2 shoes? Explain how to skate with 4 legs and 2 skates. It makes no sense. I don't like the shoe/glove thing for my aishas. My cats will continue to go shoeless.

I'm sure they will figure out they skipped a pet day after they read the irate messages they are likely getting and give Ogrins something fantastic. Of course it is also possible there is a glitch that remains as yet unfixed.

I can't expect them to juggle and chew gum at the same time. My expectations are out the window.

Let's hope they get a handle on this conversion so things get back to normal-ish at some point.

Happy New Year. I resolve to try to be happy on Neo no matter what goes wrong. I also will continue to complain happily.

yerimiese, 01/4/2020, 4:58 am NST
I think the toy is really good. Purple and orange together makes it look more like a toy.

aviagua, 01/6/2020, 2:48 pm NST
The shading was well done on the Toy Aisha, it's quite pretty. As for the purple & orange- it feels like a throwback to how purple pets used to look.

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