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Grarrl Day Roundup

Two new colours are now active for Grarrl Day!

Maractite | Mosiac

A new clothing set is also now released!

trista, 10/4/2019, 2:33 pm NST
Again no Burlap

inkpot, 10/4/2019, 2:42 pm NST
duuuuuude. mosiac looks awesome!
and the outfiiiiiiits! *O*

purplebin, 10/4/2019, 2:56 pm NST
The Maractite design seems kind of sparse, while the Mosaic is jam packed!
Very awesome outfit.

1jediboy, 10/4/2019, 3:30 pm NST
All of this is FANTASTIC! 🤩
Before you Judge Maractite to harshly, look closely! There are cracks all along the body like splits in pavement! It’s gorgeous!

1jediboy, 10/4/2019, 3:31 pm NST
Also, there seems to be a face on the tip of the grarrl’s nose.

abc12345, 10/4/2019, 5:04 pm NST
Love Mosiac. It reminds me of something, just can't put my finger on it.. 🤔

aviagua, 10/4/2019, 6:50 pm NST
I love the Mosaic! It almost looks like stained glass. The Maractite is really pretty too; both colours make me tempted to recolour my Grarrl.

remy, 10/4/2019, 7:01 pm NST
Now that is an incredible Mosaic!

maple_snow, 10/4/2019, 10:46 pm NST
The Grarrl mummy clothing is fantastic! 🎃💖

That certainly makes up for the mess over last year's banned Grarrl Day outfit.

apophis324, 10/5/2019, 4:22 am NST
@maple_snow: Refresh my memory if you please.. What was so bad about last year's Grarrly outfit?

cocojan, 10/5/2019, 6:02 am NST
Now I want a Grarrl. That outfit is one of the coolest things I've seen recently.

sliced_ramen, 10/5/2019, 8:39 am NST
The Abbess Grarrl Set was removed, because TNT forgot about their own No Religion rule. It was like based off The Nun (2018) at the time.

They didn't get a replacement or changed outfit after that.

mandypandy667, 10/5/2019, 9:09 pm NST
Absolutely love the mosaic :o

vaporesque, 10/5/2019, 10:43 pm NST
Love, love, love the Grarrl mummy outfit

Maractite reminds me of warrior markings, esp because of the almost 'face on the face'.

apophis324, 10/6/2019, 1:36 am NST
@sliced_ramen: Ohh that's right, thanks for reminding me! That's very lame.. how could they just have forgotten such a rule?

mistyraider, 10/6/2019, 1:56 am NST
Love the brightness of Mosaic. The designs are reminiscent of Ancient Rome. Nice job.

cherriterri, 10/18/2019, 10:28 am NST
Mosaic is not available for a fountain quest if anyone is interested.

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