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August NC Collectible

The final item for the Lost Returned Collection is now released, and features the Spirit of Slumber! This item will only be available during August.

The bonus for purchasing all items in this set is:

ALTADOR CUP UPDATE: On an unrelated note, the trophies for this year's Altador Cup have been corrected and should now show the correct team and designs. Check out our Prize Shop guide for a list of trophies.

escrainus, 08/2/2019, 1:21 pm NST
Poor mutant lupes that can't cosplay him

artemisaltori, 08/2/2019, 10:11 pm NST
does that portal imply that jeran is alive??

dr_tomoe, 08/3/2019, 12:01 am NST
This looks very similar to The Three Collectors Cloak, not that I'm complaining.

herdy - JN Staff, 08/3/2019, 4:12 am NST
Why would it need to imply he’s alive?

mzlish, 08/3/2019, 6:40 am NST
I was about to say the same thing, Tomoe

topologist, 08/4/2019, 10:48 pm NST
It has a beating heart too, just like Three Collectors, on Moehogs.

It's a tasteful re-creation of Three Collectors, I agree. (:

1jediboy, 08/4/2019, 10:52 pm NST
Where's Jen's post?!

katina_choovanski, 08/4/2019, 10:56 pm NST
I. LOVE. THIS. CLOAK. It drapes, and covers exactly like a cloak should. Except on Ixi's, the hood part is doing something weird at the back portion instead of looking like a peak.

katina_choovanski, 08/4/2019, 10:58 pm NST
Oh, and Blumaroos--WTH is that---is it a headband? It's open to air in the back of the hood. *facepalm*

inkpot, 08/4/2019, 10:59 pm NST
i honestly prefer this cloak to the The Three, lol.

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