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Free Birthday Cupcake in NC Mall

A free cupcake to celebrate the NC Mall's birthday is now available to claim in the NC Mall!

This cupcake will grant +5 Hit Points to the Neopet you feed it to, and another NC item:

As with other NC cupcakes, you can claim this on side accounts.

contessa, 07/10/2019, 10:17 am NST
YAY for free cupcakes!

maple_snow, 07/10/2019, 11:06 am NST
The NC Mall birthday cupcakes are always quite too pretty to eat!

stepupfairy, 07/10/2019, 12:01 pm NST
The crystal chandelier is soooooo pretty!!

1jediboy, 07/10/2019, 12:15 pm NST
Iridescent stones? How'd THAT

1jediboy, 07/10/2019, 12:16 pm NST
get permitted by the FDA?

contessa, 07/10/2019, 12:53 pm NST
The irridescent stones are actually made of rock candy

purplebin, 07/10/2019, 12:57 pm NST
Jade has announced on the NC board that
"The Iridescent mystery capsule will be out tomorrow for everyone. "
So, not in Future Fashions.
There should be 3 different possible LE items along with the old birthday items.

maxgarou, 07/10/2019, 1:00 pm NST
@maple_snow almost all of the NC Mall Bday cupcakes are too pretty to eat. That's why I don't feed them to my pets.

1jediboy, 07/10/2019, 1:53 pm NST
Ah. Then there should be a safety/allergy warning. (thank you)

cat, 07/10/2019, 10:11 pm NST
I only feed cupcakes if they have items I want, otherwise I keep them.

ducky - JN Staff, 07/11/2019, 1:12 am NST
They are reeaaallly pushing NC. Do they release too much might be too much?

1jediboy, 07/11/2019, 2:04 pm NST
^YES!!! They release lots of NC to get money because they don't do immersive advertising anymore!
I miss the immersive advertising events.
I think continually pushing NC items means their creative focal point is not going to be on plots or art like they should... Like they used to be.

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