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New Altador Cup Capsule

A new form of Mystery Capsule themed around the Altador Cup has been released at the NC Mall!

When opened, this Capsule will let you select the team of your choice out of those available at the Altador Cup. It will then grant you 5 items related to that team. Unlike regular Mystery Capsules, these items are fixed rather than random. As an example, if you selected the Haunted Woods, you would get:

The capsule also has a chance of awarding an LE item relating to your selected team:

As all teams are represented, this means we still need a lot of models for these items. If you have any of them, help us out by showing us them on your Neopets!

pikachu315111, 06/7/2019, 4:05 am NST
Where can you find the capsule?

herdy - JN Staff, 06/7/2019, 6:46 am NST
It’s in the NC Mall but you might have to use the search function to see it.

sakeru187, 06/7/2019, 6:53 am NST
I wish the confetti was just the shower and not the floor litter :/ it looks tacky to me.

jessalynn, 06/7/2019, 7:03 am NST
There is nothing in this shop right now!

I really want it for my Darigan gallery!!!

rylon - JN Staff, 06/7/2019, 8:29 am NST
Oh many models! @_@

sliced_ramen, 06/7/2019, 9:29 am NST
DTI + JN's Wardrobe exploded my guy.

purplebin, 06/7/2019, 10:16 am NST
Oh, everyone was saying yesterday that it was in Future Fashions, and I never bothered to search!

sp4de, 06/7/2019, 1:56 pm NST
Oh boy. Wonder which team will inflate the most.

purplebin, 06/7/2019, 2:45 pm NST
It's going to be really tough to get just one or two items from other teams, but I really want a couple of the other togas and jackets and confetti. They are some of the less popular teams, too....

alex, 06/7/2019, 3:06 pm NST

contessa, 06/7/2019, 4:56 pm NST
I got the LD capsule and modeled the items on the pets on my main and all four of my sides.

Sure do wish I could get the LE background though

chrisk123, 06/7/2019, 7:41 pm NST
Question- can the badge be used on baby pet?

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