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Moehog Day Roundup

Hogging the spotlight today is the Moehog with two new colours:

Toy | Woodland

Along with a peppy new outfit:

mortychichi, 05/14/2019, 8:57 am NST
Trypophobia alert!!! That Woodland is gross

dukula, 05/14/2019, 9:04 am NST
Wow, that woodland one really is gross looking!
The toy is cute though, so that's something.

purplebin, 05/14/2019, 9:52 am NST
Gross? I think he's adorable! And the toy is really pretty, love the colors.

targoefista, 05/14/2019, 10:04 am NST
Toy is great! Woodland is... odd. I am not 100% sure what they were going for.

burnintoflames, 05/14/2019, 10:07 am NST
The pattern on Woodland is too busy but when clothes cover it up I don't think it's too bad.

2b4saken, 05/14/2019, 10:37 am NST
I mean to be fair people were complaining about the basic woodland design, so they did something different. I think it's ok and honestly better than some of the other designs we've gotten this year.

billhenderson2, 05/14/2019, 11:46 am NST
What are the names of these new Moehog wearables?


billhenderson2, 05/14/2019, 11:49 am NST
What are the names of these new Moehog wearables?


1jediboy, 05/14/2019, 12:07 pm NST
The nose looks like a tree knot! Nice touch!
Toy looks somewhat familiar... Like a blue version of the "Moehug!"
And the peppy outfit...

*starts singing* I was like, BAY-BEE! BAY-BEE! BAY-BEE! OOOOH! Like, BAY-BEE! BAY-BEE! BAY-BEE! OOOOH! Like, BAY-BEE! BAY-BEE! BAY-BEE! OOOOH! I thought you'd always be MIIINE... Miiine...

maple_snow, 05/14/2019, 12:39 pm NST
Both colours are quite nice, and the clothes too! Moehog owners must surely be rejoicing!

will - JN Staff, 05/14/2019, 1:07 pm NST
@billhenderson2 The outfit is "Peppy Moehog:"

dave - JN Staff, 05/14/2019, 2:00 pm NST
I'm a fan of the blue they used for Toy!

chibiiusa, 05/14/2019, 2:06 pm NST
Toy is lovely!

inkpot, 05/14/2019, 3:38 pm NST
toy is ADORABLE!!

i like the tan parts of the woodland moehog; it kinda looks like the rings of a tree when cut... but the green part, like burnitintoflames said, looks too busy. if it were the usual wood/bark look with the cute grass mane it'd look perfect..
wait no why aren't the tusks wood??

escrainus, 05/14/2019, 4:02 pm NST
Toy is meh as always.

Woodland has potential

reconnection, 05/14/2019, 5:36 pm NST
I actually like the color choices for the Toy. Woodland however looks hairy to me lol and makes my skin crawl e-e

abc12345, 05/15/2019, 3:29 am NST
Love the color scheme and the air holes in the toy, reminds me of the squeaky squeezy toys I used to have, when I was little

purplebin, 05/15/2019, 9:54 am NST
I get the feeling that the woodland is modeled from a specific tree with interesting bark like that. It must be something tropical or exotic. I'd love to know.

cat, 05/15/2019, 2:23 pm NST
Woodland is nice, I like the contrast between the green bark and white interior.

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