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Spring Dyeworks

Another batch of Dyeworks has been released at the NC Mall! These items will be available until the 3rd of May.

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bonju, 04/12/2019, 10:50 am NST
Oh wow these are really nice!

sliced_ramen, 04/12/2019, 11:41 am NST
Glad they took the top voted items on that one petpage. I’m in love with the FVSLs.

escrainus, 04/12/2019, 12:43 pm NST
All female clothing.... why?

tsubaki, 04/12/2019, 12:55 pm NST
They did a great job picking colors this time around! Everything looks gorgeous!

inkpot, 04/12/2019, 5:36 pm NST
these are all very lovely.
next lets see some dyed cherub wigs?!!?? 0:^) something for the boys? though i guess the long charming can be gender neutral.

sketch, 04/12/2019, 6:12 pm NST
PLAYFUL TOUSLED WIG!! One of the best male wigs! Also give us a nice white chef hat with dyed Spooky Chefs Hat and Wig

mzlish, 04/12/2019, 6:24 pm NST
These are awesome! What is the petpage that lists these items?

1jediboy, 04/12/2019, 8:38 pm NST
... Happy Grey Day everyone. 💜

cat, 04/13/2019, 4:27 pm NST
The Flowering Vine String Lights are really nice, I kind of wish there were more variation in the flower colors because the basic one has some pink flowers and some purple flowers, but the dyed ones all the flowers are one uniform color and that makes them less appealing. Same with the Rainbow Petal Shower where I feel like the dyes completely miss what was good about the original. Then again I'm going to try to get all of the Flowering Vine String Lights dyes because that's one item I wish I'd gotten multiples of because it's so beautiful.

purplebin, 04/13/2019, 5:13 pm NST
@cat, I agree about how many DW are monochromatic, and I think both the Rainbow Petal Shower and especially the Scattered Light Shower suffered this time. The lights look dull and not even translucent, much less like light.

aviagua, 04/13/2019, 7:33 pm NST
I love the Flowering Vine String Lights & Rainbow Petal Showers; though I wish the static image for the showers were more similar to the original- the Dyeworks version only show two petals close to the top of the image rather than a bunch of falling petals and flowers scattered across the custom.

inkpot, 04/14/2019, 4:11 am NST
@aviagua: for real?! i was gonna look to trade for one of the rainbow petal showers but if it hardly shows on static images it's almost pointless. :c that really makes me sad to hear...

faellie_ridiculous, 04/14/2019, 10:08 am NST
Nice that they listened to what players wanted, but execution falls a bit short. The white version of the dark lace dress is not that great. As others have already pointed out, SLS and RPS are not an improvement over originals. And also agree the FVSL could have used more color variation. The red FFTW is a bit too red for my taste. But the black and blonde versions were great. I think the LGCW and LCG were the overall winners of the batch.

escrainus, 04/14/2019, 11:11 am NST
I'm do happy to read they actually heard payers, if the execution wasn't excellent, well I can overlook that given this items are ridiculously pricy.

Now this opens the chances to get them to listen to us easier for other site related stuff, so I'm gonna ask them to finally increase the pet slots to up to 10 (in worst case scenario) or to simply remove side accounts moving everything to one account (best case that will solve many issues), also it could help to make either UC available for everyone or just convert all reminding UCs, people this is our chance to make us be heard!!

cat, 04/14/2019, 11:56 am NST
They might fix the static image on the RPS dyes if that’s mentioned to them.

1jediboy, 04/14/2019, 12:18 pm NST
YES! AWESOME! It’s a really good thing that TNT is starting to connect with us more! Here’s hoping more opportunities like this come in the near future!

When I get a chance, I’m going to ask for the ability to watch ads for free neocash! It would greatly increase their revenue, AND make getting NC items much more accessible to those who don’t want to pay with money.

My Dyeworks request? Light blue, light green, and light yellow “Baby Summer Swimsuit”

burnintoflames, 04/14/2019, 5:38 pm NST
Nice set of dyeworks. My only complaint about dyeworks is that for backgrounds, everything becomes that color and doesn't look good to me. Needs contrasting colors.

Off topic: Looks like they forgot the Meridell Foods stall on the new map.

cat, 04/16/2019, 3:12 pm NST

Jade just posted a board saying the static images for Rainbow Petal Shower and Scattered Light Shower are being fixed.

cat, 04/16/2019, 3:14 pm NST
“Good afternoon everyone,
I hope you all liked the Spring dyeworks!
Just wanted to let you know we are working on fixing the static images of the rainbow petal shower & scattered light shower to ensure they match the originals. This should be completed by tomorrow. Apologies if you see some missing assets we are trying to get this all sorted but our sister office is having internet issues.” - Jade

aviagua, 04/16/2019, 6:32 pm NST
They're now fixed!!! I just have to show a custom using the improved shower:

Thanks so much TNT!

sliced_ramen, 04/16/2019, 10:50 pm NST
These are awesome! What is the petpage that lists these items?

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