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April NC Collectible

The first item for the new Lost Returned Collection is now released, and features the Bringer of Night! This item will only be available during April.

purplebin, 04/1/2019, 2:51 pm NST
This doesn't appeal to me any more than the pirate series did. Although this time I'll probably like at least one item.

sliced_ramen, 04/1/2019, 7:06 pm NST
inb4 there's a tie in with Lyra Plot

escrainus, 04/2/2019, 12:23 am NST
Congratulations lost desert fans, wish other lands got as much attention as this one u-u

herdy - JN Staff, 04/2/2019, 7:25 am NST
It may not be all Lost Desert — theme could also be interpreted as characters who either died or are thought dead.

1jediboy, 04/2/2019, 11:10 am NST
^Whoa... that’s dark. 😨 Here’s hoping for a Rutu fez.

mortychichi, 04/3/2019, 12:19 am NST

bonju, 04/4/2019, 9:10 am NST
"Lost Returned" sounds like it will include TDF, Maraqua, Geraptiku, or hopefully Neovia

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