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New Mystery Capsules

It's a busy day at the NC Mall. As well as the return of Corridor of Chance, new Mystery Capsules have been released to celebrate the upcoming St Patrick's Day.

This capsule contains:

The LE items for this capsule are:

To top things off, there's also a new re-release capsule!

Re-Release Capsule Guide »

If you plan on opening a Pot O Gold Retired Mystery Capsule, please let us know what you get (along with the category you selected)!

inkpot, 03/8/2019, 3:24 pm NST
Leprechaun Tree Housing was cute until i saw the actual leprechauns... they should have just drew a cute leprechaun outfit on a mootix or something.

purplebin, 03/8/2019, 4:57 pm NST
Everything about those Leprechauns in the tree is wrong! The way they pop out is creepy.
I wonder why they made the wig more turquoise than green, but I'm glad they did.

1jediboy, 03/8/2019, 5:08 pm NST
Why would they make the leprechauns look like that when they said they were phasing out lore-breaking items? D>

rosi, 03/8/2019, 8:55 pm NST
Man, those Leprechauns look so out of place! Seems like they found a cheap static .gif somewhere on the 'net and pasted it on their artwork: the black outline and the simple, limited shading are so different to those on the tree
And they pop out with no real transitional animation Sigh I so miss those Meepit Leprechauns!

rosi, 03/8/2019, 8:55 pm NST
or are thet Leprechaun Meepits ?

rosi, 03/8/2019, 8:56 pm NST
*gah, I meant 'they' sorry

dave - JN Staff, 03/8/2019, 9:25 pm NST
Has TNT finally given us male faeries?

1jediboy, 03/8/2019, 9:45 pm NST
^*gasp* They HAVE!!! If you give them shoes to cobble, they give your pet 1 to 2+ luck stats!

jellysundae, 03/9/2019, 3:33 am NST
The plant shelves are floating in mid-air, they're about a foot off the ground with every background I try them with on DTI.

skayc11, 03/9/2019, 9:38 am NST
The 'Clover Covered Castle' background doesn't show up when customizing my pets, I checked, it is in my closet, so far not visible to my Bruce, My Buzz, My Draik, My Kougra, nor My Tonu. Is anyone able to use it in customizing?

topaz644, 03/9/2019, 9:40 am NST
The Clover Castle is in my closet but doesn't show up for any of my pets.

mavegibson, 03/9/2019, 10:26 am NST

escrainus, 03/9/2019, 5:18 pm NST
the fact the leprechauns looks angry doesn't make it better

anomally, 03/10/2019, 6:32 am NST
Ooh, they finally added some more alcohol items.

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  • Dreamy Faerie Dress Floral Golden Gateway Premium Collectible: Amidst the Cloverfield
  • Retro Scorchio Wig Retro Scorchio Dress Golden Wig
  • Festive Leprechaun Beard Shelves of Greenery Lucky Drink Cart