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New Corridor of Chance Prizes

After 6 long years, when the game was retired, Corridor of Chance has returned to Castle Nox! A new set of items is now available:

As a reminder, to use Corridor of Chance you must have an item already on your pet in a similar wearable zone to one of the above. When you play the game, you will be granted an item.

There is a bonus 'effect' that can be randomly applied to your pet. This is temporary (lasting 5 days) and is not an item that can be removed. The new effect for this set is 'Smokey'.

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anomally, 03/8/2019, 2:59 pm NST
Shirts and pants and shoes! Always a welcome addition to the closet!

Just wish they would make fewer hats with wigs. Or at least make them more gender neutral. I only have males on my main account to dress.

1jediboy, 03/8/2019, 3:14 pm NST
Black Stylin Beanie looks like it could be gender-neutral.

inkpot, 03/8/2019, 3:21 pm NST
i never missed the corridor of chance. :u
wish they would have just put these in the mall in the basics shop, but ya kkno its about that gamble... /sigh. :c

maple_snow, 03/8/2019, 3:40 pm NST
Yay, congrats to CoC fans! Hopefully Jubjub Power Bounce next?

herdy - JN Staff, 03/8/2019, 4:36 pm NST
I haven’t been a fan of it since they swapped out the original theme — the idea was meant to be cool looking items an evil warlock might want to wear.

1jediboy, 03/8/2019, 5:10 pm NST
^This was his "chill" phase.

1mimi290, 03/9/2019, 11:14 am NST
I dont like his chill phase though I was hoping for really cool items. These are /nice/ but they definitely arent cool

1jediboy, 03/9/2019, 11:28 am NST
^That’s what they ALL said.

escrainus, 03/9/2019, 11:32 am NST
Crappy items for the theme they come from, also those are basic shop level.

cat, 03/10/2019, 8:59 pm NST
I’m not really a fan of these items.

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