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November - January Recap: Wearables & Modeling

A little later than scheduled, here's a look back at the wearable releases from the last three months! #longpost

Pteri: Glitzy | Vandagyre: Masquerader | Usul: Warrior Queen
Xweetok: Masquerader | Bruce: Holiday | Wocky: Nesh
Ogrin: Delinquent | Aisha: Explorer | Gnorbu: Snowbeast
Buzz: Regal | Elephante: Stylish | Kacheek: Girly

Several Neopoint items were released in the news.

Neopets celebrated its 19th birthday with the Gift Me More event!

AAA returned with Brynn & Hanso for the Knights vs Raiders Games Master Challenge.

Lulu was also back for the GMC Neocash Challenge.

This year's Advent Calendar proved a treasure-trove of new wearables.

Winter vibes continued with Stocking Stufftacular.

The Shady Merchant set up shop with The Desert Jewel.

Loic brewed a new batch of Dyeworks.

Welcome to the jungle -- the latest Wonderclaw machine.

Celebrate the end of 2018 in style with the New Year 2018 Celebration Mystery Capsule!

Several new items were released on general sale at the NC Mall.

And as always, rounding out the month are the collectibles!

We still need a lot of these item previews for our Wardrobe App, so please head on over to our Modeling Department if you can lend a hand! Your help and support ensures Wardrobe is up to date, and we really appreciate all your hard work! :D

  • Lulus Intergalactic Gear Views from Space Station #4 Master Plan Backdrop
  • Violet Baby Sundress Assistant Meerca Handheld Assistant Meerca Shoes
  • Assistant Meerca Wig Plasma Tape Player Tattered Parachute