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Gnorbu Day Roundup

A wintery colour and outfit is now active for the most amazing species, Gnorbus!


ducky - JN Staff, 01/7/2019, 3:08 am NST
<3 <3 <3 <3

I am not biased

stepupfairy, 01/7/2019, 3:11 am NST
Omg, the Snow Beast outfit!!! ^_^ <3

mortychichi, 01/7/2019, 3:12 am NST
The Ice Gnorbu looks amazing x.x Dunno how they did it but I like it more than the Ice pets we have now

Mask is hilarious

ducky - JN Staff, 01/7/2019, 3:15 am NST
I am glad I had not used my premium perk yet, tho I had to sacrifice my white gnorbu for this but now Skildren is Ice gnorbu. I LOVE the outfit. Past few have been hideous

topaz644, 01/7/2019, 10:27 am NST
This is the first time I've considered painting my Christmas Gnorbu. The Ice color is gorgeous!

1jediboy, 01/7/2019, 10:50 am NST
Ducky the great Gnorbu-herder is pleased!!!

moonlightwitch, 01/7/2019, 1:23 pm NST
the most amazing species, Gnorbus!
not biased

it's a nice color

mzlish, 01/7/2019, 3:27 pm NST
Wow, the Ice Gnorbu is pretty!!

Someone HAS to have a Snow Beast Poogle and Gnorbu pair :O

mzlish, 01/7/2019, 3:29 pm NST
Maybe I should buy the Gnorbu clothes just in case... I have Halloween Poogle clothes in my closet from zapping one years back

josie, 01/7/2019, 6:39 pm NST
Very beautiful color and outfit.

combustibles, 01/7/2019, 10:22 pm NST
That outfit is ugly as sin..

escrainus, 01/7/2019, 11:07 pm NST
WOW nice to see a change in the right direction for pet colors, this actually looks pretty good

cat, 01/8/2019, 6:01 pm NST
I love the Ice color, so pretty.

The outfit really needs to remove the Gnorbu's ruff.

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