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Xweetok Day Roundup

Two new colours are now active for Xweetok Day!

Dimensional | Jelly

A new clothing set is also now active:

escrainus, 11/29/2018, 6:05 am NST
Dimensional is different from most dimensional since it's body isn't glowing or a bright color, which opens a door for customizations, but the eyes could had been all glowing since those dark dots makes it look funny.

moonlightwitch, 11/29/2018, 7:21 am NST
the dimensional calls for a set of contacts. the jelly is not what I was expecting with a year more to wait we will see

will - JN Staff, 11/29/2018, 7:22 am NST
Jelly is nice but I was really hoping for Stealthy or 8-Bit. And of course Usuls got both of those.

themeepit32, 11/29/2018, 7:46 am NST
the jelly one looks a bit more Gummi than jelly

ducky - JN Staff, 11/29/2018, 9:00 am NST
Jelly is the same than Jelly Kacheek is.

Will - maybe you should change to Usuls

maple_snow, 11/29/2018, 9:38 am NST
Dimensional Xweetok looks twinned colour with Dimensional Kougra. Not a fan of that colour tone, but OK!

The Jelly Xweetok is same colour as Snot, minus drippings!
And after checking, the Chomby, Hissi, and Uni were given this same green Jelly colour as Snot. While the Acara, Ixi, Kacheek, and Meerca are more darker green Jelly. Much less likely to be confused for Snot! But then, Jelly is just another one of those colours where some species look great, and others.. ehh...

skiasma, 11/29/2018, 9:48 am NST
Dimensional Xweetok looks maniacal. Possible escapee from a Negative Universe.

pigfish99, 11/29/2018, 9:51 am NST

1jediboy, 11/29/2018, 12:13 pm NST
WOW! STUNNING!!! And I LOVE the idea of an alternate universe being where the Dimensional colour came from!

insane000illusions, 11/29/2018, 1:36 pm NST
I love the dimensional because it's pretty color (same as a kougra as someone mentioned and I actually have one of those that's fun to customize) But what is with those eyes. they look like googly eyes.

Also at a glance I thought jelly was snot.

jkjkjk220, 11/29/2018, 6:08 pm NST
What if we all start to spam the Editorial questions with requests to "fix" the dimensional xweetok eyes? They are too bright, they bother me. Is also a shame, one of the best dimensionals to have such upsetting eyes *facepalm*
I know I am being too hopeful as they don't really update pet colors...

1jediboy, 11/29/2018, 6:16 pm NST
I kind of like the eyes.

sakibou, 11/30/2018, 12:50 am NST
I'm actually a HUGE fan of the Dimensional Xweetok's eyes! Looks kinda creepy and is different from the norm, which is always fine by me.

mollyscribbles, 11/30/2018, 2:38 am NST
The new dress is nice, at least . . .

btw, anyone else notice the Ruins of Thanyros on the Lost Desert map?

combustibles, 11/30/2018, 3:13 pm NST
Thanks, I hate them.

1jediboy, 12/1/2018, 12:12 am NST
💙 💚

cat, 12/1/2018, 5:36 pm NST
I like the dress. The jelly I think the translucent effect is well done but I wish the colour had been less snot-like. Dimensional looks good except the eyes should have more dark in them to go where the white would usually be.

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