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Wardrobe Wars - Round 60 Results!

The results of the latest Wardrobe Wars competition are finally here! Did your entry make it on to our Wardrobe Hub? Winners, keep an eye on your cabinets as you'll be receiving the Wardrobe Wars Champion! trophy in the next few days! We'll be back in September with the next round!

While you're in Wardrobe, why not check out our Modeling Department to see if you can lend a hand with any of the item previews we're missing. We'll give you points and trophies for your jnAccount while you're there!

rosi, 08/9/2018, 3:31 pm NST
Awww, how cute!! All of them, but the vampire garlic deserves a gold medal IMO

1jediboy, 08/9/2018, 3:35 pm NST
MAN! These blow mine away! I never even conceived that these would be this good! The fruit Chias have finally gotten their justice!

hobbitte, 08/9/2018, 4:30 pm NST
Bahaha, whomever made the Violet blueberry, high fives to you!

cat, 08/10/2018, 12:09 am NST
Yay, my hot hot HOT pepper got chosen!
I love the Violet blueberry and vampire garlic, and all of these are really nice.

maknaetani, 08/10/2018, 2:37 am NST
Oh wow, I did not expect to win with that pea chia. Actually had to double check it was my entry and not someone else's similar one, haha

yasmin_sb, 08/10/2018, 5:45 am NST
Congrats to all the winners! I got lazy for this round and just submitted the current custom I have for my pineapple Chia

1jediboy, 08/10/2018, 11:12 am NST
^You should’ve put him in an underwater setting!

1jediboy, 08/10/2018, 11:13 am NST
*starts Spongebob themesong*

kyrette, 08/10/2018, 2:52 pm NST
OMG mine got chosen!! Aubergine Chias are so cute. Their leaves look like hair.

neocoladude, 08/11/2018, 8:09 am NST
Dat Blueberry Chia though! xD

stepupfairy, 08/18/2018, 1:05 pm NST
Question! If I already have a WW Champion trophy in my cabinet, will this new one show separately or will I still just have the one trophy?!

Thanks! (my entry is the Durian Chia btw ^_^ )

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