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Blumaroo Day Roundup

Two new colours are now active to celebrate Blumaroo Day!

Swamp Gas | Water

A new set of Wasp themed clothing is also now active:

tnbeauti2, 08/8/2018, 6:03 am NST
Man, I was hoping one of the new colours would be Toy.

purplebin, 08/8/2018, 6:40 am NST
Are we back to two colors at a time, now? This had better continue for Meerca Day!

ummy - JN Staff, 08/8/2018, 7:13 am NST
Finally 2 colours again!

dave - JN Staff, 08/8/2018, 8:19 am NST
Back to two colours... with at least one always being Custard, Swamp Gas, or Snot. ;D

1jediboy, 08/8/2018, 8:41 am NST

WOW!!! They're BOTH gorgeous!!! Perfect! We should have nothing to complain about for once!

bonju, 08/8/2018, 10:05 am NST
Oh I really like the Water one

herdy - JN Staff, 08/8/2018, 10:08 am NST
Yeah, hopefully this lasts till Meerca Day at least

fuzzyflufffeet, 08/8/2018, 10:11 am NST
I love the water one! <3

And I'm glad there are 2 colors again

purplebin, 08/8/2018, 10:59 am NST
It's taking much longer than usual for the outfit to show up in a search.

purplebin, 08/8/2018, 11:20 am NST
Oh, the outfit has just shown up!
Heroic Blumaroo. Looks wild!

1jediboy, 08/8/2018, 12:35 pm NST
Which pet dressed up as Ant-Man? I wanna see two best friends collaborate and make these costumes for the halloween contest!

purplebin, 08/8/2018, 12:44 pm NST
They'd better not give Meercas the Ant Man costume! I didn't even know what The Wasp outfit looked like before, I just thought this was an interesting space suit...

cat, 08/9/2018, 1:34 pm NST
I'd expect Rukis to be Antman
I love the Water's ears, and Swamp Gas is OK.
I hope they keep doing 2 new colours per pet day.

hamzah_khan, 08/10/2018, 7:03 am NST
I wanted an elderly biumaroo both still very nice though!!!

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