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MME Re-Release Capsule

Yesterday a new Mystery Capsule was released in Future Fashions at the NC Mall, a re-release capsule for MME items!

Previously the item couldn't be purchased, but that's been fixed today! It'll be released in the regular NC Mall on Thursday. Currently, it's confirmed that it can award miniMME items as well as regular MME items, and can also award bonus items from MMEs!

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purplebin, 08/7/2018, 2:06 pm NST
On the board the only bonus being reported is MME8-B: Flower Petal Shower.

dolchay, 08/7/2018, 2:16 pm NST
I think bonuses are def in there but tnt is keeping them extremely rare.

I also think part of the cap is still glitched which could be affecting some of the prizes.

serpentshrine, 08/7/2018, 2:56 pm NST
Awesome! I bought some NC yesterday for this, but it hasn't processed yet. How long does it take anyhow? Hope it goes through before they retire =/

cat, 08/7/2018, 3:00 pm NST
Nice! People are going to be so excited for those LEs and the Galactic Traveler Wig.

sakeru187, 08/7/2018, 4:55 pm NST
Ghostly Orbs are in there too (: I wouldn't mind a spare. Same for Galactic Travelers Wig.

bethlifts, 08/10/2018, 7:14 am NST
are they still not available in the NC Mall? I don't see them

combustibles, 08/11/2018, 3:59 pm NST
It's sunday and I can't see them on the regular NC mall.. anyone??

phenixia, 08/12/2018, 7:14 am NST
They are online! WOUHOU!

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