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Ixi Day Roundup

To celebrate Ixi Day, a new colour is now active!


A new clothing set is also now active, themed around a dark green fairy:

mortychichi, 07/11/2018, 7:56 am NST
I don't get the hate for sparkly sour candy Candy pets, I think they're quite nice and this one is no exception! I really like the semi-translucent horns. That hat looks like old TNT-quality art too

cloonshannagh, 07/11/2018, 8:34 am NST
Anxious to see the Dark Sylph clothing on Pxi.

fuzzyflufffeet, 07/11/2018, 9:08 am NST
For some reason it looks surprised lol

purslane, 07/11/2018, 9:15 am NST
where is the second color?

ducky - JN Staff, 07/11/2018, 9:19 am NST
Again only one colour

But rather delicious!

dustin, 07/11/2018, 9:46 am NST
One color. Again.
But it isn't terrible. Looks gummy. I like it.

dustin, 07/11/2018, 9:47 am NST
(but they really need to start being more creative with the candy colors.. this sour gummy is getting old)

mollyscribbles, 07/11/2018, 10:26 am NST
Mortychichi, I think part of it is the customizers -- candy pets are tricky to work with. Better than the colors who can't wear standard clothing, but the subtle shading offers an odd contrast when paired with starker items.

1jediboy, 07/11/2018, 11:13 am NST
Happy Ixi day to my eldest son, Tax!!!

He’s such a big boy now!!!

topaz644, 07/11/2018, 11:20 am NST
It doesn't say sour gummy to me but spearmint.

inkpot, 07/11/2018, 2:33 pm NST
looks like a lime and lemon gummy, i like it.

looking forward to the outfit too!

beyondelsewhere, 07/11/2018, 3:15 pm NST
I suddenly have a craving for mint jelly leaves.

I am hopeful about the outfit, but should have wings, no? Hmm. My eldest pixxfoolery is my first neo-love. I love Ixis so much!

mogster, 07/11/2018, 4:21 pm NST
Is that a Spearmint Gummy Chew Ixi? I just bought a bag of those.

yekith, 07/11/2018, 5:21 pm NST
The Ixi on the news preview doesn't have the hat on. Is it just an alternative head item for the same set? Did they forget it?

I was hoping it could be worn together with wigs...

dark169, 07/11/2018, 5:43 pm NST
Oooh. Looks like it's made out of sparkly emerald.

Wait, guys. I have an idea for a Paintbrush. Crystal Paintbrush.

purplebin, 07/11/2018, 5:43 pm NST
They've been doing a lot of wigs and hats together for pet days, and the hats have been zoned as static so they can go on over the wigs.

yekith, 07/11/2018, 5:50 pm NST
Yeah I know, that's why I was hoping that was the case here, cause the hat looks nice but not as much the wig. But it's weird they didn't include the hat in the preview...

josie, 07/11/2018, 6:46 pm NST
Very pretty, and so is the outfit.

I like the expression on the Ixi's face

cat, 07/11/2018, 7:30 pm NST
Not a fan of the candy, the cream muzzle looks out of place.

The outfit looks nice.

cat, 07/11/2018, 7:34 pm NST
"I don't get the hate for sparkly sour candy Candy pets,"

I think it's whether you voted for Candy because of the striping in the Candy Elephante, if you really like the candy stripes/swirls than the gummy Candy pets are a disappointment. On the other hand if you don't like the striping the gummy version is preferable.

zixianna, 07/11/2018, 8:23 pm NST
Happy Ixi Day everyone!

Not enamored of the new colour (and only one, which is sad), but it does look tasty. Good news is no need to repaint right now!

Glad someone pointed out the hat / wig bit, I was a bit disappointed until I read they can overlay, thats neato!

Basically finished my Ixi gallery today too coincidentally, woohoo(ish). Unless some r110 TCGs magically appear, or a Love Ixi Lunchbox or Gummy Striped Ixi accidentally fall out of someones gallery, I don't see adding much else...

solkort, 07/11/2018, 11:21 pm NST
I like the new color

dukula, 07/12/2018, 12:42 am NST
I like it, definitely reminds me of the sour gummy sweets you get in things like Haribo Tangfastics, yum!

lazybutt, 07/12/2018, 10:44 pm NST
Is it just me that thinks this color looks like a 3D render or something?

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