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New Re-Release Mystery Capsule + Free Cupcake!

Update: There's also now a new free cupcake in the Mall to claim. This will award +5 Hitpoints to the pet you feed it to along with a new NC item.

A new Mystery Capsule has been released in the NC Mall to celebrate the Mall's 11th birthday! This re-release capsule will award bonus items from Mystery Capsules of the past.

It also has the chance to award one of three new bonus items:

If you've opened this capsule and have received an item not listed on our guide, please let us know!

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annagd, 07/5/2018, 12:38 pm NST
11th Birthday Crystal Cupcake
Claim it

purplebin, 07/5/2018, 1:21 pm NST
Why do I forget about the NC Mall birthday every year? It's the SAME day as my brother's!

papayaa, 07/5/2018, 2:13 pm NST
Just to make sure, you can claim the Cupcake on your sides as well?

1jediboy, 07/5/2018, 2:30 pm NST
They made their point "crystal clear!" *rim shot*

purplebin, 07/5/2018, 2:34 pm NST
Yes, you can claim any free NC item on your sides, too.

ibookworm281, 07/5/2018, 2:36 pm NST
are these cupcakes no trade as well?

purplebin, 07/5/2018, 4:47 pm NST
Yes, they are no-trade.

maxgarou, 07/5/2018, 5:27 pm NST
I loved the cupcake, and really don't want to feed it to my pets, but... That Sparsdel is cute and I want it. Decisions decisions!

purplebin, 07/5/2018, 6:06 pm NST
@maxgarou: You can collect the cupcake on side accounts, and although that isn't tradeable, the petpet inside is. So if you want both, keep the cupcake you get on your main account, and either send the petpet over from a side account, or trade with someone for theirs.

cat, 07/5/2018, 6:31 pm NST

1jediboy, 07/5/2018, 7:11 pm NST
Should I sing the Steven Universe theme song?

ladyamethyst, 07/5/2018, 7:52 pm NST
I don't care how popular Steven Universe is - there is only one Amethyst & she belongs to DC. I am definitely making a DC Gemworld custom with that background

1jediboy, 07/5/2018, 8:02 pm NST
I think I saw something from that... They could probably be the same universe!

1jediboy, 07/5/2018, 8:03 pm NST
Dark Opal Dissipated the form of a REAL opal and utilized her power!

1jediboy, 07/5/2018, 8:04 pm NST
(And that background SO looks like where they got the shooting star in Monster Buddies. )

topaz644, 07/7/2018, 8:38 am NST
Is this the first nc petpet ever?

I know it's free so really doesn't count but it's from the Mall.

dave - JN Staff, 07/7/2018, 9:45 am NST
@topaz644: It's not a petpet, it's just a wearable.

topaz644, 07/7/2018, 10:46 am NST
ah okay! Thanks.

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