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April NC Collectible

The fourth item for the Curses & The Cursed Collection is now released, and features Razul! This item will only be available during April.

1jediboy, 04/2/2018, 10:33 am NST
... did rosiethorns88 see my animation complimenting?

topaz644, 04/2/2018, 11:02 am NST
I'm sure she did Jedi

This is a pretty nice cloak! The fire isn't overdone. I was afraid my pet would look like it was fire painted.

dr_tomoe, 04/2/2018, 1:03 pm NST
That's a very nice cloak.

Though do pet images still break if they're wearing clothes made by JS?

inkpot, 04/2/2018, 1:39 pm NST
this is pretty darn awesome!

purplebin, 04/2/2018, 3:18 pm NST
It's nice, but the flames don't look like the ones in the still image, with longer and shorter licks. instead it kind of looks like a cloak with gold fringe waving in the breeze...

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