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Gelert Day Roundup

A new colour is now active for Gelert Day!


A new set of clothing is also now active:

The second colour is Origami, currently partially released under 'unknown colour' in the Rainbow Pool:

This appears to be a conventional paint colour (once fully working), as there is now a paint brush image uploaded:

2b4saken, 03/6/2018, 1:02 pm NST
Wow, who saw that coming.....

purplebin, 03/6/2018, 1:17 pm NST
I am NOT very happy!
Only one color? And the outfit looks good, but I thought they had quit making the species outfits r90 and up! Now it's going to be a lot harder to get and impossible to wish for.
And aren't the ear pieces a separate part of the Steampunk clothes, or are they a part of the mask and just aren't shown in the item image?

midnightayachan, 03/6/2018, 1:22 pm NST
There's one unclothed Steampunk Gelert so far (Fezik) where the owner took the clothing off to try on another pet, and the ear pieces are NOT removable. I would have thought they would be, like the tail.

I'm also upset there is only one color. :/

purplebin, 03/6/2018, 1:25 pm NST
ah, okay, that makes sense about the ears. The Steampunk Lenny had something mechanical permanently on its head, too.
I don't really like the steampunk clothing, but I thought I might be able to use ear covers at some point... Rats!

fuzzyflufffeet, 03/6/2018, 1:53 pm NST
Oh look it's hideous. I wonder if anyone regrets their steampunk vote

purplebin, 03/6/2018, 1:59 pm NST
Anyone who voted for Steampunk did so with the Gelert as the model, so they must like hideous.

cat, 03/6/2018, 2:04 pm NST
At least steampunk has nice (?) clothes? I wish Burlap and Toy had won.

I hope they'll add another gelert colour soon.

Also I keep wondering when the faerie quest event will start, I guess not until after TWR is over, blah.

cat, 03/6/2018, 2:12 pm NST
Steampunk is a popular genre (which I happen to hate) and an aesthetic that combines Victorian fashion with steam machine aesthetics has been popular recently, so I can see why a lot of people voted for it even when the colour is mostly divorced from traditional steampunk aesthetics.

zixianna, 03/6/2018, 2:31 pm NST
Looks more Borg than Steampunk.

escrainus, 03/6/2018, 3:31 pm NST
Anyone who voted for Steampunk did so with the Gelert as the model, so they must like hideous.

@Cat: problem is - like Zixianna said - that the color besides the name has nothing to do with steampunk at all... so, yes people voted for a hideous color with clothing that doesn't even matchs the concept, but since everyone was so desperate to vote for the color TNT will take (as seen with tin man lenny) that like an ok flag and keep making ST pets with this "Borg" aesthetic

purslane, 03/6/2018, 3:36 pm NST
I love this borg aesthetic. I'm also okay to get rid of the "victorian fashion" element of steampunk, as that is more neovian than moltaran. This is definitely steam-machine like

escrainus, 03/6/2018, 3:41 pm NST
Well, not really, since Moltara does follows the basics of it, having the idea of combining the regular clothes with metallic stuff and tools used like accesories, the paintbrush so far looks just cyborgrish..

1jediboy, 03/6/2018, 3:58 pm NST
...Eh ...Cool.

1jediboy, 03/6/2018, 4:35 pm NST
Nobody is giving anymore potions at the infirmary! The reason the plot hasn't progressed is OUR fault! We need to get back to giving potions or we won't get any further!

rosi, 03/6/2018, 4:35 pm NST
Well Zixianna and Escrainus said it well. I didn't vote for Steampunk in first place because the example in the poll (which is today's Gelert) looked like a "naked" robot neopet underneath the shell, and because the accessories and clothes you can find at Cog's Togs better reflect the theme.

rosi, 03/6/2018, 4:38 pm NST
@Jediboy : do you really think so? I keep making and donating potions whenever I can (it is quite a pain to switch to Chrome to do that) but I think the real reason is that TNT ┬░forgot┬░ to update the 'healing metre' It's been stuck like this for almost a month I think, no matter how many potions I donated

tomato99, 03/6/2018, 5:05 pm NST
Gelert Luxurious Wig could have been NC worthy.

reconnection, 03/6/2018, 5:53 pm NST
It's finally Gelert Day! Hooray! Today you can now head over to the Rainbow Pool or Lab Ray to colour this Neopet in some of the newest shades of Steampunk or Origami!

Did they add Origami to the news later or...? I just logged on and saw both but see everyone complaining about only one color.

cat, 03/6/2018, 6:00 pm NST
News was only just released. Steampunk we knew about because it was added to the rainbow pool. Origami hasn't been added to the rainbow pool. This is a surprise because Origami hadn't been made an official colour. I don't know whether this means it will be an official colour or whether some staffer just grabbed the image as the second colour without realizing it had been abandoned.

twocue, 03/6/2018, 6:03 pm NST
What was the voting even for?... Ui oh well. If this means they will eventually add Burlap also....

Seriously if they add Steampunk, Toy, and Origami but NOT burlap I'll be disappointed.

reconnection, 03/6/2018, 6:13 pm NST
I mean they had already hinted in the NT a third place was possible. Just not a fourth so unfortunately Burlap is probably out. Unless enough people keep complaining.

jessalynn, 03/6/2018, 6:22 pm NST
The Origami Gelert has also been released.

1jediboy, 03/6/2018, 6:26 pm NST
*looks at rosi's comment*
EXCLUDING those who do their part. They're doing fine. (Like rosi )

(P.S. "1"jediboy, please. )

rosi, 03/6/2018, 6:28 pm NST
Please TNT make Origami an actual colour ! I was so disappointed to see it got less votes than Plastic (toy)
Burlap was seriously creepy in a hideous way.

1jediboy, 03/6/2018, 6:28 pm NST
Origami got released to?!?!
Whoa! Here's hoping for special patterns in the next few colors.

escrainus, 03/6/2018, 6:28 pm NST
THEY MUST ADD BURLAP THEN Like I want a burlap grundo

1jediboy, 03/6/2018, 6:29 pm NST
Here's to ALL those four colors!
The first color poll where we actually wanted ALL of them!!!

rosi, 03/6/2018, 6:31 pm NST
Ah ah sorry 1jediboy. But seriously, I think the healing patients not moving forward is due to TNT being backlogged in this.
I still donate every once in a while because I read you will get more plot points in the end, and I kinda need to make it up for not being able to beat Malum on hard mode.

1jediboy, 03/6/2018, 6:33 pm NST
I want at least one Burlap Neopet to look like "9" from the movie "9." (Potential Zipper on chest)

(I haven't even fully SEEN that movie, but it looked SO COOL from the first 20 minutes!!!)

cecilos, 03/6/2018, 6:33 pm NST
I'm just glad they didn't add burlap, I truly hate the colour

1jediboy, 03/6/2018, 6:37 pm NST
Ehh... *nods and agrees with rosi that TNT might probably be backlogged*

fenix, 03/6/2018, 6:43 pm NST
Considering many of the older pets, Gelert included, are running out of colours, it makes sense that we'd see all 4 at some point. Means Flower might also come back at some point.

purplebin, 03/6/2018, 7:08 pm NST
Well, Origami is not in the rainbow pool yet, and we don't know if it will be a paint brush or lab only color.
I do half suspect that someone messed up and just put both in the news because there was a Gelert image from the PB voting...

escrainus, 03/6/2018, 7:16 pm NST
@cecilos bad for you a user told me it was stated in the NT that burlap will come true

2b4saken, 03/6/2018, 7:49 pm NST
I don't understand why you think a color shouldn't exist just because YOU don't like it. Like I don't like grey pets but I understand I can just NOT paint my pets grey and I also understand there are people that LIKE the grey color.

2b4saken, 03/6/2018, 7:53 pm NST
@purplebin. It took about 3 days from lenny day for them to make the paint brushes, so it could just be the brush isn't in the system yet.

purslane, 03/6/2018, 8:17 pm NST
I don't understand why you think a color shouldn't exist just because YOU don't like it.
Because they only release two colors on pet days. The more colors there is that you dislike, the less likely you will get a color that you actually like.

And not all colors are equally popular. So many more people are surely thrilled to see all those new snot pets getting released than, say, candy

purslane, 03/6/2018, 8:19 pm NST
burlap is boring. you see one burlap pet, you've seen them all. There is no opportunity for creativity beyond the first release.

Whereas for toy, steampunk, and even origami there are opportunities to vary between species to species

fuzzyflufffeet, 03/6/2018, 8:27 pm NST
burlap is boring. you see one burlap pet, you've seen them all. There is no opportunity for creativity beyond the first release.

I 110% disagree, there were small details in it, springs, rips zippers, different kinds of button and thread eyes. Changes to the actual physical look of the pet and not just clothes.
Also VOODOO DOLL character. I like creepy pets and I have a lot of ideas for this and I can see the potential

inkpot, 03/6/2018, 8:41 pm NST
disappointed the mechanical ears are apart of the base... i voted for steampunk because i am a fan of muddy colors like brown, olive, steel blue, maroon, etc. and figured they'd make good bases for customization... and i looove the base gelert color for steampunk but.... why again would they make those ears apart of the baase? ;o; uuugh.

well at least they released the origami gelert.. ;u;

purslane, 03/6/2018, 8:57 pm NST
fuzzyflufffeet, none of the things you mentioned sound like very different. It's like saying burlap cougras will have a tail that a burlap chia won't be having.

let's be real, if burlap becomes a thing, it will be the next eventide/transparent. They all look the same

1jediboy, 03/6/2018, 9:12 pm NST
This is what happens when there's no big Neopets news: Everyone gets a little stir-crazy!

Look at how many comments are on here, and how many are on the IDB update.

Seriously, look at how much we love talking about Neopets! It's beautiful! We really DO need some sort of movie, don't we?

2b4saken, 03/6/2018, 10:32 pm NST
burlap is boring. you see one burlap pet, you've seen them all. There is no opportunity for creativity beyond the first release.

By your logic colors like Split, starry, heck any of the basic paint brushes shouldn't exist. Just because you don't like something, doesn't mean it's bad. Also even if they look the same that's also not bad. I think Eventide looks better than most of the mutant designs. Or what about colors than only apply to one species, should those also not exist, because "if you've seen one you've seen them all".

ducky - JN Staff, 03/7/2018, 12:49 am NST
^that's the same thing what I think when people say some non-popular colour is bad. Yes, you might not like it you probably didn't want it but still those are well made (swampgas, clay mostly).

Also. I think Origami was mistake. They didn't have 2nd colour and some clueless staffer found that amongs the steampunk gelert and slapped it there.

If they take it away, people pro-Origami will cry and scream. And if the don't, pro-Burlap will cry and scream that it has to be release as well.

I don't mind even if they released all colours. Don't like burlap and origami is meh.

But of course my taste is always questionable *hugs her gnorbus, moehogs, kaus and chombies*

fuzzyflufffeet, 03/7/2018, 1:16 am NST
none of the things you mentioned sound like very different. It's like saying burlap cougras will have a tail that a burlap chia won't be having.
The things I mentioned have more variation than a lot of colors. Like steampunk just has some clothes on it. Underneath it's just brown.
But like other people said just because you don't like it doesn't mean it shouldn't exist. Like I'm not MAD that steampunk exists. I just wish that burlap did because it's a great base for creepy pets. Which is my thing and there are not a lot of creepy pet colors and personally I'd love to have a voodoo doll. Just because you can't imagine it doesn't mean it shouldn't exist.

shakespeareofborg, 03/7/2018, 3:12 am NST
Funnily enough, I voted for steampunk because of it's Borg-like potential!

ummy - JN Staff, 03/7/2018, 3:23 am NST
All colors have the potential to be amazing with the right artists. There's no way to definitively know if one idea for a color would be better than another without seeing a bunch of pet designs instead of one.

2b4saken, 03/7/2018, 6:21 am NST
I'd honestly settle for burlap to not be a normal paint brush color as long as I can get it from a fountain faerie dip, it honestly gives me a reason to start buying FFC's again.

purplebin, 03/7/2018, 7:02 am NST
Origami is active in the Rainbow Pool now, under "unknown color".

ladyamethyst, 03/7/2018, 7:53 am NST
Now that "Borg" has been mentioned, I like the Steampunk more Funny how association can change one's opinion on something.

purslane, 03/7/2018, 8:11 am NST
Don't get me wrong, I actually quite like colors that all look the same. I've transparent and white pets, mostly, and I don't mind eventide either. But me liking them doesn't make them less boring. Just because you like eventide doesn't make it interesting. Mutants are definitely as interesting as neo colors go.

I just want more frequency of interesting colors that have the potential to vary from pets to pets, like candy, maraquan, baby, royal, elderly, candy, marble, etc.

will - JN Staff, 03/7/2018, 9:07 am NST
Looks like Origami WILL have a PB:

purplebin, 03/7/2018, 9:28 am NST
Nice brush!

foxycleopatra, 03/7/2018, 12:12 pm NST
Let the Burlap war begin!

starleogirl09, 03/7/2018, 12:28 pm NST
I'm glad to see that Origami got some love!
The paintbrush looks great!

1jediboy, 03/7/2018, 1:49 pm NST


1jediboy, 03/7/2018, 1:57 pm NST
Do you guys think the Steampunk Flotsams/Jetsams would have prosthetic tails? Or do you think it would all be clothing?

purplebin, 03/7/2018, 2:12 pm NST
@1jediboy, based on the Lenny and Gelert so far, I think every species will have some kind of mechanical prosthetic or attachment somewhere on the unclothed pet

cat, 03/7/2018, 2:24 pm NST
burlap is boring. you see one burlap pet, you've seen them all. There is no opportunity for creativity beyond the first release.
Why is that a bad thing? A lot of people like white because it's an easy colour to customize, but it's a fairly boring colour in terms of its design. Burlap would have been the best colour for customizers, particularly those that like creepy designs.

purplebin, 03/7/2018, 3:21 pm NST
I see one Origami Gelert has been modeled for Dress to Impress, and it looks like another color that can't wear regular clothing!
I know that during voting a lot of people were concerned that clothing wouldn't fit properly.

jawsch, 03/7/2018, 3:46 pm NST
People say they want 'unique' colors in place of UC pets all the time. Here ya go!

Not a fan of the handle of the paint brush though. it's not like the rest of the paint brushes

purplebin, 03/7/2018, 5:52 pm NST
I hadn't even noticed the handle of the brush, I was looking at the paper bristles. But yeah, that is not a good handle. It looks a bit like a plunger.

cat, 03/7/2018, 6:49 pm NST
If it can't wear clothing I hope they deviate more from the default pose than the Gelert has. It would be nice if at the very least Origami pets weren't stuck with an upraised fist.

1jediboy, 03/7/2018, 6:51 pm NST
Lennies will look like the classic origami swan!

ducky - JN Staff, 03/8/2018, 2:37 am NST
I know that during voting a lot of people were concerned that clothing wouldn't fit properly.

Yup. No need to worry about that now :p

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