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Zafara Day Roundup

Two new colours are now active for the recently passed Zafara Day!

A red woolen clothing set is also now active:

fidiall, 02/5/2018, 1:30 pm NST
love the clay, not really feeling the candy one :c the art for the eyes are a bit jarring

kyrette, 02/5/2018, 3:35 pm NST
Candy looks good, in my opinion! Also quite tasty

1jediboy, 02/5/2018, 4:01 pm NST
Candy looks AWESOME!

It kinda looks like the same color scheme as the Baby Zafaras.

What kind of candy is he? I assume some sort of "sour blue raspberry gel".

(Speaking of which: Anyone remember squirt-able SweetTarts?)

1jediboy, 02/5/2018, 4:04 pm NST
Happy Zafara day to my baby boy! (big___shot)

starfirefluffy, 02/5/2018, 6:59 pm NST
i really like the candy zafara, very cute

cat, 02/6/2018, 12:40 am NST
Candy's got a nice texture and I kind of like the curly hair. I think it's probably another gumdrop based one, although those swirls in the hair and tail tip make me think of cotton candy. Although, I feel like the yellow and blue parts of its body clash, looking at it is making my eyes hurt.

Clay is, as always, a nice reliable looking base color

inkpot, 02/6/2018, 7:27 am NST
loving them both!

candy looks like it could make some nice space-y customs. what with that wispy hair and the sparkles it kinda has this dreamscape feel... outside of also looking like a sour gelatinous candy ofc.

maxgarou, 02/6/2018, 6:53 pm NST
I'm not fan of the Zafaras, but the candy one looks awesome, would totally create one to paint it that color.

tomatereloco, 02/6/2018, 10:42 pm NST
Candy looks amazing!! I just love it. Is sooo cute

pikachu315111, 02/7/2018, 2:45 am NST
For those wondering, I think the Zafara is based on a candy called "Peeps". They're a marshmallow mold covered in bright colored sugar. Depending on the occasion known mold shapes have been:

* Easter: Chicks, Rabbit (which is maybe why the Zafara got it, it having rabbit ears)
* Halloween: Jack-o-lanterns, Ghosts, Cats
* Christmas: Christmas Tree, Snowman, Rudolph's Head

They're mostly sold in the US.

1jediboy, 02/7/2018, 5:08 pm NST
*looks closely* Eh. I still say it looks like squirt-able SweetTarts.

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