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New Dyeworks

The new Dyeworks that TNT recently teased on Instagram are now released in the NC Mall.

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Most of these items still need models, so why not help us out?

spabl, 08/8/2017, 5:47 am NST
Very happy with the choices TNT made! Finally an Accessories Dress! Love the Teal one!

purplebin, 08/8/2017, 7:08 am NST
The Chandeliers have been zoned as higher foreground, unlike the original which is background item... time for another ticket!

cay, 08/8/2017, 7:14 am NST
So gorgeous *drools*

stories2btold, 08/8/2017, 8:54 am NST
not THAT great of a set for the wait :/

marfbear, 08/8/2017, 1:12 pm NST
All of those items are things I passed on when they were originally available so I guess I'm saving some money.

razzleteddy, 08/8/2017, 1:35 pm NST
Love this set, can't wait to use them all. ^^

cat, 08/8/2017, 2:03 pm NST
Love the accessories shop dress recolors, I like the design of the original but hate the color. Isca dress recolors are nice except the shoulder gems lost their sparkle, I particularly like the red and black ones.

The baby wings I'm happy they decided to do recolors of because they're a popular item, but I feel like the recolors don't look as good as the original because they lack the color variation.

1jediboy, 08/8/2017, 8:11 pm NST
*looks over* Aaaaaand... I don't have any of these. |:L

I have, like, three Dyeworks potions and NOTHING to use them on! X(

1jediboy, 08/8/2017, 8:14 pm NST
Also, these emojis, no matter how awesome, don't always capture the look on my cartoony face...
More, please? '

1jediboy, 08/8/2017, 8:15 pm NST
*facepalm* That was supposed to be a smiling face with a raised eyebrow. T_T

cat, 08/9/2017, 2:36 pm NST
You can always borrow one of the undyed items, assuming you want any of the dyed ones.

bennyw, 08/10/2017, 9:38 am NST
cat -- as a long time Baby item collector, I'll say that the wings are wonderfully done. I am happy they are not ridiculously saturated like I anticipated. The silver ones are my favorite. Also, they are MUCH better than the V-Day DW wings.

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