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Free NC Mall Birthday Cupcake

To celebrate the NC Mall's 10th birthday, today you can pick up a free cupcake! (Also, holy kau--10 years since customisation debuted!)

Although this is a food item, it functions like a capsule or gift bag - when you feed it to your pet, you'll get the following item:

The pet you fed the cupcake to will also gain 5 HP. Because this is an NC freebie - you can collect this on sides.

mistyraider, 07/5/2017, 5:11 pm NST
Looks like it cannot be traded.

purplebin, 07/5/2017, 5:19 pm NST
Last year's birthday cupcakes were no-trade, too.

bonju, 07/5/2017, 5:25 pm NST
Oh I feel old

stories2btold, 07/5/2017, 5:36 pm NST
back in my day we just had a potato sack for our pets

chloe685, 07/5/2017, 7:10 pm NST
whoa. I remember when the primary-colored star pattern backgrounds were cool because it was all new and that's what was available...where did the time go?

themeepit32, 07/5/2017, 8:17 pm NST
I really like the candles, they're so pretty

foxycleopatra, 07/5/2017, 9:43 pm NST
Curious to know if it would be against the rules to claim the cupcakes on a side, then transfer a bd pet to get the hp??... I mean, it seems like a legit work around, but JSTNT obviously doesn't want these abused.

recklesse, 07/5/2017, 11:28 pm NST - 2nd question. It's not encouraged and is seen as abusing the spirit of what the cupcakes are there for.

inkpot, 07/6/2017, 1:13 am NST
what a pretty candle foreground.

we've come a long way in terms of what's being givin' out in these here birthday gifts. hopefully we'll never see another silly haunted house hat or springy headband again.

dave - JN Staff, 07/6/2017, 9:36 am NST
@foxycleopatra: As what recklesse said, it's discouraged for you to do that.

You can collect on your sides to give to the pets on your sides only.

maggma99, 07/6/2017, 12:38 pm NST
It's been 10 years!? I feel so old...

foxycleopatra, 07/6/2017, 2:47 pm NST
Thanks dave & recklesse!

Hard to believe it's been 10 years! :o

cat, 07/8/2017, 1:38 pm NST
Yeah, hard to believe the NC Mall has now been around for more than half the site's total life (and people still complain about it like it's a new thing).

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