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May NC Collectible

The third item from the Sidekick Squad Collection has been released, and features Armin! This item will only be available during May.

purplebin, 05/1/2017, 10:17 am NST
Yay, they got these right! Just change the existing iris color, rather than move the pupil to the center so they look deranged.

herdy - JN Staff, 05/1/2017, 10:20 am NST
They look really nice... aside from the Shoyru.

bennyw, 05/1/2017, 10:25 am NST
They release this but don't fix the RR caps. OK, TNT.

melinda_kacheek, 05/1/2017, 11:26 am NST
A lighter blue version of Robertas. Good work. One of the very few contacts that do well with Kacheeks. Good job.

cat, 05/2/2017, 2:53 am NST
These are quite nice! I suppose they'll probably be pretty valuable in the future given how well Zencos and Robertas have done.

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