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Wardrobe Wars - Round 45 Results!

The results of the latest Wardrobe Wars competition are finally here! Did your entry make it on to our Wardrobe Hub? Winners, keep an eye on your cabinets as you'll be receiving the new Wardrobe Wars Champion! trophy in the next few days! We'll be back in May with the next round!

While you're in Wardrobe, why not check out our Modeling Department to see if you can lend a hand with any of the item previews we're missing. We'll give you points and trophies for your jnAccount while you're there!

recklesse, 04/10/2017, 10:01 am NST
Congrats to the winners. Those are some fine looking pirates.

inkpot, 04/10/2017, 1:24 pm NST
love the pirates! makes me think back on ye olden days when pirate paints where loved and actually had any value. :c

kinda wish the forgotten shore/anchor management never came about. that or retire them completely.

josie, 04/10/2017, 6:29 pm NST
Thanks so much, and congrats to everyone

kitkatmeeoow, 04/12/2017, 7:37 am NST
Thanks so much for doing these wardrobe wars, they are a lot of fun customizing for.

Congrats everyone!

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